Advantages and Disadvantages of Team Teaching Method bed

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What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Team Teaching Method ?. For an effective teaching a teacher has a crucial role in Teaching-Learning Process. He has to use different Method of teaching principles of teaching etc. All the teaching skills techniques that are to use in the classroom by a teacher is developed in Micro-Teaching Process. One of the methods is Team Teaching Method.

What is Team Teaching Method?

Team teaching is a new way of teaching approach where a group of expert teachers teach a particular topic in the same class… Continue reading,

Merits /Advantages of Team Teaching:

Some of the common merits or advantages of of Teach Teaching are given below-

1. The students are highly benefited because they get to interact with the expert teachers.

2. In team teaching, a team of teachers who are expert in their respective field interact with the students so that they give their best.

3. Such teaching provides more flexibility than traditional teaching.

4. The students get an opportunity to interact and share their problem with the expert teachers.

5. In this teaching develop feelings of co-operation between teacher and students and teacher and teacher as well.

6. The available resources are fully utilized in team teaching.

7. The evaluation of team teaching is very effective as the the team evaluate the performance of the students and the teacher can provide feedback to each other by evaluating their teaching.

8. It provides variety of ideas as a group of teacher work together.

9. Teach teaching also builds a community among teachers.

10. It also develops human relation which is very important for social adjustment.

Demerits / disadvantages of team teaching

1. Team teaching consumes more time and energy.

2. If the teachers do not co-operate among them then the teaching teaching may results as failure.

3. It May create confusion for some students if the team leader do not find appropriate teachers to teach a particular part of the topic.

4. IF one person or member deviates from team then it may not work successfully.

5. Some teacher may not accept this new techniques of teaching who are habituated in traditional teaching.

6. If all the members do not have required skills and subject knowledge then the team teaching may fail.

Suggestions for successful team teaching:

  1. In team teaching the teachers should be friendly so that students can express their feelings freely.
  2. All the members should plan together and co-operate each other to develop the teach work.
  3. The teacher must demonstrate in dealing with the courses.
  4. The teacher should create a learning environment and makes arrangement of all facilities.
  5. Duration or time should be allowed according to the subject.
  6. Teacher should attain each others classes in a cooperative manner.
  7. Supervision is very important in teach teaching.
  8. The teacher must be willing to adjust accordingly.


Thus all the members should work collaboratively for successful of teach teaching. A successful team teaching has benefited to the students as well as teacher. If the team work fails it may break the effectiveness of team work. We have discussed the Advantages and Disadvantages of Team Teaching Method.

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