Bed lesson plan English Poetry class 7 ,2023

Bed Lesson Plan English Poetry

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Topic: Daffodils by William Wordsworth

Class: 7

BEd Lesson Plan of English Poem

A. Identification of data:

Name of the school: 
Jhagrarpar M.V School,          
 Class : VII
 Number of Students: 90  Duration: 40 minutes

Subject : English
Lesson : Daffodils
Textbook : Sunbeam English                     Reader II
Name of teacher : NASIR
Roll No : 59
Date : ….

B. General Objectives:

  • First To enable the students to understand English Language properly.
  • To enable the students to listen, speak, read and write correctly.
  • And to develop the vocabulary and language style.
  • To develop interest of students in English Language and Literature.

C. List of Teaching Aids:

   a).General Aids :

  b) Specific Aids :

  • A chart showing the picture of William Wordsworth.
  • A beautiful picture of a garden with full of Daffodils flowers.

2. Introduction of lesson plan
stepAssumed previous knowledgeTeacher’s activityStudent’s activity

Assumed Previous knowledge      

Announcement of the day’s topic.  

The teacher will enter the classroom with a smiling face and greet the students.  

Then the teacher will arrange the classroom properly. And  ask some questions to the students  in order test their previous knowledge.  


1. In which season  the trees are seen filled with leaves and flowers?
2.Name some of the flowers you like most?
3.Name at least one flower  which blooms  at spring  in England?

        Satisfied with the answers of students. The teacher will announce that  today we shall study about the poem “
Dffodils and write name of  the topic  on the top of the  blackboard.  

Students will greet  the teacher by standing up and follow the teacher s command.

And  will try to answer the questions asked by the teacher.  

Expected Answer
1 Spring season.
2.Sunflower , lily, tulip, rose  etc.
3. Problamatic    

        Students will write down the topic’s name on their copies.

D.Presentation: 1

lesson plan page 1

Presentation page 2

F. Closure:

Thus, we can make bed Lesson Plan on English Poetry


  • Democracy
  • Sympathy
  • Teaching of English
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