Bed Lesson Plan for Maths | Congruence of Triangles | Class 7

Mathematics lesson plan

There are few steps of making mathematics lesson plan.  If you are searching for maths lesson plan then you are in the right page. Some of the important other lesson plan also mention below you may like.

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Maths lesson plan for bed

Topic:  congruence of triangle

Class: 7

A: Identification of data:

Name of the school:x

Class: 7 (seven):
No of students: 90
Duration of time: 45 minutes  
Subject: mathematics
Lesson: congruence of triangles
Unit: 7
Name of textbooks:x
Name of teacher: x
Roll no: x
Date: 00/00/00

Note:  in the steps identification of data. Write your information and the details of your schools where you work as a teacher trainee.

B: General objectives

1. To develop the thinking and reasoning power of the students.
2.  To develop in students the interest for the  study of mathematics and geography as a branch of math.
3. To enable the students to understand about the concept of congruence of triangle.  

C: Teaching aids:

  1. General teaching aids: chalk, Duster, Blackboard, Textbook and Pointer.
  2. Specific aids:  Geometry box, Chart, Model

Note: general teaching are those you use during a teaching learning process. And specific aids are those which you use in the class to teach for the particular lesson.

D: Introduction

StepsAssumed previous knowledgeTeachers activityStudents activity

Classroom management and testing of previous knowledge.  

                                    Announcement of the topic.
The teacher will enter into the classroom with a smile face. He will mange the classroom properly and then the teacher will ask some questions to the students to test their previous knowledge.  

1.What is the simplest geometrical figure?

  2.Suppose I have two line segments AB=5cm and CD=3cm. if I superimpose  AB on CD Will I be able to do this?  If no then why?

3. If two line segments have the sane length what are they called?       Well today we will discuss about “congruence of triangles” and then the teacher will write the name of the topic on the top of the blackboard.  
The students will stand up and greet the teacher and follow the teachers command. And try to answer the questions asked by the teacher.  

Expected answers
1. Line segments  

2. No, because they are not equal.    

3.  Congruence    

      The students will write the name of the topic on their respective copies from the blackboard.
B: Presentation
stepsSubject matterSpecific objectivesTeachers activityStudents activityLearning outcomes
Concept of congruence                                           

Congruence of triangle

To enable the students know about the congruence

 To enable the students to know about congruence of triangles.

The teacher says that the term congruence means two objects which have the same size and shape.    

Two triangles are congruent if their corresponding sides are equal in length and their corresponding angles are equal in measure.   If triangle ABC, is congruent to triangle DEF, the relationship can be written as triangl ABC = triangle DEF.   In the fig’s 1 the corresponding sides are a, & d; b and e; c and f. the corresponding angles are x and s; y and t; z and u.

The students will try to understand the concept and write down the point in their copies.        

  The students will try to understand about the congruence of triangles And write in their copies.


                              Knowledge + understanding

F: Closure:
STEPSTeachers activityStudents activity
Recapitulation: the teacher will highlight the important point to clear students doubt if any.

Class work: The teacher will ask the following questions to test students acquired knowledge.

1.  when are two line segments congruent?
2. There are two congruent angles. If one is 70 degree the other is? Etc    

Homework:  After the class work the teacher give the following questions to the students as homework.
Q. what is congruent triangle? Give two real examples of it.  

After that the teacher clean the blackboard and leave the class with all the TLMs and gives thanks to the students.
Students will listen and try to clear their confusion.  

  Students will try to answer the questions asked by teacher.

  1. When they are equal in length.
2.70 degree      


Students will write down the questions from blackboard as their homework.    

Students will stand up and give thank to the teacher.

If you have any questions please ask in the comment section if you want more Lesson Plan for Maths and also give us your feedback .

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