Bilingual Method | Concept | Merits & Demerits

What is bilingual method of language teaching? One of the best method of teaching english is bilingual method. which We are going to know about the concept of bilingual method. What are the demerits of the bilingual method? ?. And the objectives of bilingual method of teaching English language.

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Bilingual method is one of the newest method. where two languages are used one is the mother tongue of the students and the other is the target language (English). Mother tongue is used in the class to achieve the target language.

This method is the midway approach of grammar translation method and direct method. It was introduced by professor CJ. Dodson of Wales. Children learn mother tongue by the situation, when the situation is created they try to express their ideas, emotion and and learns the language gradually.. in direct method teacher create the situation without using their mother tongue. So direct method is a time consuming. But in bilingual method, the teacher explains the meaning of new English words, phrases, sentences, grammatical points and rules by students mother tongue. Here, the teacher does not explain word by word. Once the teacher explain is the practice is done without using the mother tongue of the students.

Thus, it is a method where two languages are used. In this method, using mother tongue the target language English is acheived. Through this method students learn English very easily and effectively. In this method listening, speaking, reading, writing, all these four skills are given equally important.

What are the Objectives of bilingual method?

Here 3 objectives of this method:

  1. One of the most important aims of bilingual method is to enable the students to speak English language fluently and accurately.
  2. 2. Secondly to master the learner in such a way that they can use mother tongue and English simultaneously.
  3. To enable the students to write English correctly.

Merits /Advantages.

Here are some of the most important merits of this method of teaching English. given below-

  1. Accuracy:

 Accuracy is the first merits of this method. Through this method students understand very clearly. As the teacher explains the new English words, phrases, idioms and rules in the students mother tongue. So it becomes easy for the pupils to understand. Thus this method of teaching English leads to accuracy and easy.

2. Fluency:

In this method students acquire fluency in English because students are given a role of practice in speaking English.

3. Time saving:

In bilingual method, teacher uses the students mother mother tongue to explain the new words, sentences etc. so the use of mother tongue saves a lot of time. otherwise the teacher will have to use  many devices, techniques to explain English. Use of mother tongue saves time as well as helps students to understand easily and quickly.

4.Availability of teacher:

The teacher can teach English to the entire fulfillment of the students. Through this method even the average teacher can teach successfully. Because the mother tongue of students use to achieve the target language. Which helps the teacher in teaching as well as the students to understanding.

5.Less costly:

Bilingual method of teaching is less costly because it does not need special equipment or teaching material. It suits to all type of  school may be it rural or urban school. Hence bilingual method is less costly than the direct method. This method can successfully used in any environment.

6. Easy to teach:

Bilingual method of teaching is easy to teach. Teachers of English also stay motivated to teach by this method. As it does not overburden with extra labor. The students also understand more easily because the teacher uses two language, mother tongue and the target language.

What are the Demerits of bilingual method?

Though this method is widely popular and usable method. it has some limitation or disadvantages. which are below-

  1. Confusion in students:

In bilingual method teacher use two language, mother tongue and English. So the compare and the contrast between two language may create confusion to the students.

2. Not useful for higher classes:

This method is useful for the lower classes. And direct method is most useful for the higher class because they master the English vocabulary. If bilingual method used in higher classes they lacks sufficient English vocabulary.

3. Pronunciation problem:

The pronunciation of the students may defective. As the mother tongue of the students used during teaching. So it lacks enough practice of speaking English of the students.

4. Possibility of blended language:

The students are likely to develop a habit of using two language or mixed up languages from both mother  tongue and English language. Which may hinder the students to master any one language.


Thus, bilingual method of teaching English is a method where teacher uses two language while teaching. one is the students mother tongue and the target language English. Though it is very useful for the teacher as well students it has some advantages and limitation. which we already discussed above.

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