Brainstorming Method of Teaching b.ed notes

Brain Storming: In Teaching Learning Process, Brainstorming is one of the well known methods for stimulating creative thinking. As many creative minds work together and express their diverse ideas in order to achieve the desired outcomes. In this lesson, you will learn, what is brainstorming method of teaching?  Merits and demerits of Brainstorming method and important points that will helps you to use this method effectively. (See Methods of Teaching).

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What is Brainstorming Method of Teaching

Brainstorming is a permissive style of teaching. In this method, the teacher provides a problem to the students. And the students have to think independently and express their unique ideas. The teacher writes all the ideas on the blackboard. At last, the appropriate solution to that problem is found out by the healthy discussion between the teacher and students based on the expressed ideas. In this Method of Teaching, the students themselves think and generate ideas in their brain by their own. Whereas the teacher simply guides them. The teacher gives the appropriate problem which is set as per the interest, ability and the need of the students. The teacher also fixes the time in order to carry out the complete process successfully.


Key points of Brainstorming Method

  • Brainstorming method is given by Alex.F. Osborn.
  • In this method the teaching learning revolves around the child. Hence, it is child-centric method of teaching.
  • Here the students thinks and generate ideas. It develops the thinking power of the students.
  • The teacher provides a problem and guides the students. So that all the students get equal chance to express their views independently. And finds the best solution out of these expressed ideas in a given time.
  • The contents are decides as per the interest and ability and the need of the students.
  • This method of teaching develops the creative power of the students.
  • Brainstorming method of teaching also helps to develop the imagination power of the students.
  • This method also helps the students to give opinion in their daily life problem and solve the problem.

Demerits of Brainstorming Method

Important drawbacks of using brainstorming method of teaching are mention ed below.

  1. Sometimes the right ideas may not come at the right time.
  2. In teaching learning process, brainstorming method may consume much time.
  3. Verbal conflict may be arrived in brainstorming session.
  4. Sometime useful conclusion is not seen in concluding session.
  5. In brainstorming method, some students or members my not come forward for putting up their ideas.
  6. Some members dominate during the brainstorming session.
Merits of Brainstorming Method

Brainstorming has a great significance in this modern age. Some the the benefits of using brainstorming method in teaching learning process are as in the following.

  • Brainstorming method of teaching encourages creativity.
  • In this method students get scope for self-expression and development.
  • It develops thinking capacity of the students.
  • Brainstorming method gives the students freedom to express their views, new ideas. So this method of teaching develops the imagination power of students.
  • Brainstorming helps the students to develop confidence in them.
  • The thinking capacity develops by brainstorming helps the students to deal with their daily life problems and solve the problem.
Suggestions for Effective Brainstorming
  1. Brainstorming method is a problem centric method. So the problem should be meaningful and related to the real life situation.
  2. Teacher should allow specific time during brainstorming session.
  3. Teacher should instruct the students not to criticise other ideas or opinion.
  4. And the teacher should encourage the students to generate solution individually.
  5. Provide equal opportunity to all members to share their ideas.
  6. Teacher should conduct some activities that are useful for their creativity and problems.


Thus, brainstorming is a child centric method of teaching. It encourages the creatitivity of the students. The concept of Brainstorming Method as well as the merits and demerits of brainstorming method of teaching are discussed above. To know other important method visit the below link.

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