Characteristics of Inclusive Education

Inclusion is simply the opposite of exclusion. All children are unique and different physically mentally emotionally intellectually and in other aspects also. And inclusive education aims to provide equal and quality education to all, instead of these variations. It endeavors to educate each and every child in regular classroom irrespective of their caste, color religion race etc. Please visit to know Concept of Inclusive Education. In this article you will know about the Characteristics of Inclusive Education.

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Characteristics of Inclusive Education

Some of the important characteristic features of inclusive education which are mentioned below. This will help to clear the concept of inclusive education.

  1. Inclusive education is a process of bringing all children together and gives education in a regular classroom instead of their differences.
  2. It is opposite of exclusion. Inclusive education rejects any kind of special classroom in a special school. Rather it emphasis integration with able and disabled children and provide education without any discrimination.
  3.  Inclusive education removes the barriers of learning and creates an environment where participates all the children who are disabled and excluded due to some special causes.
  4. Since inclusive education brings all children together and provide quality education. So it develops a sense of belongingness of children within the classroom community. 
  • Inclusive Education removes the cultural and religious exclusion. The children who belong to the minority community and who are socially backward community can be education through inclusive education.
  • Inclusive education addresses the individual differences and tries for all round development of children.
  • And Inclusive education helps to reduce inferiority complex within the children.
  • Inclusive education is beneficial to the students with or without diverse needs as well as for the teacher and families benefiting their students and children to grow participate and learn together without any bias or exclusion.

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The main purposes of implementing inclusive education are-

  • The main objective of implementing inclusive education is to promote equal and quality education to all children with or without disabilities
  • To address disadvantage section of society and the diversity.
  • And to remove the sense of inferiority complex of the students.
  • To develop all aspects of personality of children by promoting equal and quality education to all.
  • And to remove social barriers.
  • It is implemented to avoid cultural and religious exclusion.
  • Another objective of implementing inclusive education is to remove the dropout rate of children in school


Inclusive education ensures the presence, participation and achievement of all children in an educational community. It promotes inclusion of all children in the regular classroom irrespective of the variability of children. Which are the unique characteristics of inclusive education. Please visit to know Key Principles of inclusive education.

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