Criteria for Good Questioning

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Criteria for Effective Questioning: A teacher uses teaching strategies to engage the learners in better learning. However, there are some Teaching Devices that can be used to make teaching learning fruitful.  Questioning in teaching is an important tool through which a teacher can create child centered learning atmosphere. Some of the important criteria for good questioning are discussed below.

Criteria for effective questioning

A teacher should ask questions to the students keeping in mind the age, ability and interest of the students. In addition to this a questions can be termed as a good questions must fulfill the following characteristics.

1.Clear and concise

Questions asked by teacher should be clear and short so that the students understand the questions easily. Some students may not be able to answer it. The teacher should not ask any questions having double meaning or vagueness. For example

Who is the chief minister of Maharashtra? (Good Question)

Who is the chief Minister? Is a vogue questions.

2. Stimulate thinking

A good question stimulates the learners to think and recalled the concept that has been taught. For example “What is the capital of Maharastra? This question is a memory exercise of students and do not stimulate thinking. But “Why is Mumbai well located to be the capital of Maharastra?” might be better than the first question because it can arouse thinking of the learner.

3. Use of Simple language

Questions must be frame in a simple language. And The teacher should try to avoid any difficult terms and ambiguity in framing questions and while doing so the age ability and interest of the learners should be keep in mind.

4. Relevancy

A good question is relevant to the subject matter. A teacher may ask questions from the lesson that has been taught. And these questions are related to each other in such a way that forward one question to another gradually.

5. Single dimensional

Double barreled questions are confusing and difficult to keep in mind to the students. So the teacher should ask questions with single idea at a time. For example

  • When did World War 1 begin and why did World War 1 was fought?

This question can be divided into two parts as in the following

  • When did word war 1 begin?
  • Why did word war 1 fought?

6. Avoid yes or No questions

Questions with yes or No answers should avoid by teachers. It leads the students as guess work. For example

  • Have you heard Rani Lakshmibai of Jhansi?

It is a yes or No questions, students may guess and reply as there are 50% chances of being correct.

                These are some of the important criteria for good teaching

Characteristics of a good question

In short, the characteristics of a good question in teaching are as in the following

  • The question asked must be clear.
  • Questions must be frame in simple language.
  • It should be definite.
  • Questions should be related to the topic.
  • The questions must frame according to the Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • It is based on reliability, validity, usability and objectivity.
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