Criteria of Good Teaching | B.Ed notes

Teaching is a complex task where a teacher uses various teaching strategies techniques and Methods to make the Teaching Learning process effective and interesting. So what are the criteria of good teaching?

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A good teaching does not mean to deliver his lectures in the classroom. Learning is possible only when teaching is very effective and the students are ready to learn. To know what is teaching and its characteristics please visit Teaching. In this article you will know the characteristics or criteria of a good teaching and the steps that a teacher should use for an effective teaching.

Criteria of a good teaching

Teaching is considered as an effective when the following characteristics or criteria are fulfilled. Some of the important criteria of a good teaching are mentioned below-

Criteria of Good Teaching

1. Proper planning

Planning is the first criteria of a good teaching.  Planning is done in the pre-active phase of teaching where teacher decides teaching strategies, subject matter, method of teaching, questions to be ask in the classroom, maxims of teaching and TLMs etc. are planned appropriately.

A complete blueprint of teaching is planned according to the level of student’s psychology, needs, abilities, and interest.

“The true teacher is he who can immediately come down to the level of the student. Swami Vivekananda

2. Arouse the interest to learn:

A good teaching does not mean only to provide information to the students. For a good teaching the teacher should be good (Qualities of a good teacher). He must be able to make the students to learn willingly. So teaching must be natural and interactive so that students get motivated for self learning. This will help the students for further study. So a good teaching motivates and creates strong desire for self learning.

3. Give necessary information:

The teacher should provide necessary information to the students in a very systematic and organized manner. Roundabout way of delivering lecture may create puzzle in students. So for a good teaching the teacher must know which information is to be delivered and how it is to be delivered.

4. Individual differences:

Every child is unique and different according to their psychology, age ability, and learning capability etc. and a classroom is a mixture of different individual so a teacher must try to understand the uniqueness’ of every child and gives education keeping in mind these individual differences.

5. Sympathetic:

A good teaching is sympathetic. The teacher creates an atmosphere of sympathy, acceptance and understanding. Students can express his feelings and participate in teaching learning process.

6. Co-operative:

Teaching is successful when teacher and students are co-operative. Teaching is good when teacher not only instruct students but also discuss and offers suggestions to the students.

7. Democratic atmosphere:

The teaching should not not be autocratic where students are just passive listeners. But teaching must be democratic where students can involve in teaching learning process without any kind of fear. A democratic teaching helps to make a good teacher students relationship. Thus,  a good teaching is based on democratic ideas, objectives and method of teaching.

 8. Progressive:

A good teaching is progressive. Teaching is concerned with the progress of student’s behavior attitude skills etc. the teacher also improves his techniques, method of teaching over a time.

9. Remedial measures:

Good teaching is both diagnostic as well as remedial. First the weakness or difficulties of students are diagnosing with the help of various measurement techniques and then the remedial measures are provided.

10. Good teaching is a dynamic and not rigid:

Teaching should be dynamic or flexible and not static so that it can be adjust according to the changing circumstances. 

11. Preparation for future:

Another important criteria of a good teaching is to make the students ready for future living.

A Teacher not only instructs students in the classroom. A teacher also prepares the student to deal in their day to day live. A good teaching helps a child in his mental, physical, and social and emotion development.

So a good teaching prepares the students to face the obstacles of life in present as well as for future.


Thus, teaching is communicating knowledge to the students in a very organized way. It is a medium of helping child to learn. There are steps and strategies that must be followed by a teacher for an Effective Teaching. Teaching is successful only when desired objectives of teaching are achieve.  

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