CTET Math Pedagogy MCQ Questions and answers

Mathematics is an important section for CTET and TET syllabus. Mathematics contains 30 questions carrying 30 marks. Among them 15 question are asked from ctet math pedagogy section. In this article you will know important ctet math pedagogy question and answer which are expected to ask in the examination.

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These questions are very selective it will help you to clear the concept of math pedagogy. See more Pedagogy Question MCQs.

Important Questions and Answers MCQs

Q. The main goal of mathematics education is…

  1. To formulate theorems of geometry and their proofs independently.
  2. Help the students to understand mathematics.
  3. To develop useful capabilities.
  4. To develop children’s abilities for mathematization.

Answer: 4

Q. What is the full form of NCTM?

  1. National council of training and management.
  2. The National curriculum on teaching material.
  3. .National curriculum on teaching and media.
  4. National council of teaching of mathematics.

Answer: 4

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Q. IN teaching mathematics ICT covers..?

  1. Calculator
  2. Dynamic geometry software
  3. Spreadsheet
  4. All of these.

Answer: 4

Q. which one of the following should be the most important features of mathematics textbooks in primary level?
  1. Concepts should be link to the higher classes.
  2. Concepts should be presented from complex to simple.
  3. Concept should be present in a strict hierarchical manner.
  4. Concept should be present from concrete to abstract.

Answer: 4

Q. Mathematics puzzles at primary level help in..?
  1. Identify brilliant students of the class.
  2. Providing fun to students.
  3. Testing problem solving skills.
  4. Promoting problem solving skills.

Answer: d

Q. The ICT tools in mathematics laboratory

  1. Gives importance on teaching only.
  2. To give importance on learning only.
  3. Gives importance on the solution of the problems of the students.
  4. Makes the learner disinterested towards the subject.

Answer: 3

Q. What is the important aid used for giving geometric conceptions?

  1. Garboard
  2. Prezi
  3. Animator
  4. Clinometers

Answer: 1

Q. ICT in teaching mathematics

  1.  learners feel boring towards the lesson.
  2. Makes the learners free from phobia.
  3. It makes the learner confused to cope with day to day life.
  4. Makes the learners disinterested towards the lesson.

Answer: 2

Q. To be a ‘Good Mathematician’ one must be able to
  1. Understand apply and make connections across the concepts.
  2. Master the techniques of answering the questions.
  3. Memories most of the formula.
  4. Solve the problem in no time.

Answer: 1

Q. Most Appropriate strategy that can be used to internalize the skill of addition of money is?
  1. Use of models
  2. Role play
  3. Solving lots of problem
  4. Use of ict

Answer: 2

Q. The highlights of a textbook are that
  1. They maintain numerous exercises to give rigorous practice.
  2. All concepts can be introduced through situations.
  3. Only solve examples are included.
  4. They must be thick and heavy.
  1. B) and d)
  2. A) and b)
  3. C)and d)
  4. A) and c)

Answer: 2 a) and b)

Q. Mental math activities are important because they provide a chance to

  1. Develop mental computation procedures as the students try to identify the relationship between numbers for fast calculation.
  2. Master procedures learnt in class using paper pencil.
  3. Develop their speed with accuracy for calculations and help to improve performance in examination.
  4. Master algorithms learnt and practice more number of problems in less time.

Answer: 1

Q. The section ‘practice time’ included in different topics in mathematics textbooks aims at…

  1. Providing fun and enjoyment to learners.
  2. Having a change in daily routine
  3. Ensuring better utilization of time.
  4. Providing extended learning opportunities.

Answer: 4

Q. What are the important characteristics of a good mathematics textbook at primary level?

  1. Concept should be introduce through contexts
  2. It should only contain numerous exercises to give rigorous practice.
  3. It should be attractive and colorful.
  4. Must be thick and large.

Answer: 1

Q. A Teacher is teaching addition to class 2 students. Which one of the following strategy is most suitable?

  1. Word problem should not be done in class 2
  2. Addition should be introduced through word problems.
  3. Word problems should be done at the end of the chapter.
  4. None of these.

Answer: 2

Q. Dyscalculia is related to which problem
  1. Writing problem
  2. Mathematical problem
  3. Reading problem
  4. None of the above

Answer: 2

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