Devices of teaching bed note

Teacher has a great role for an effective teaching In Teaching Learning Process. In the teaching learning process, a teacher uses various methods of teaching, Principles of teaching and also the maxims of teaching. Besides these he also makes use certain devices of teaching which helps to develop knowledge and attitudes in the students.

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Here, In this article, we shall discuss what are the devices of teaching and the different types of teaching devices like Questioning illustration narration explaination.Read the full article to know about teaching devices meaning and all the tools of teaching that a teacher should use to make teaching learning process effective.

What is the meaning of devices of teaching?

Devices of teaching are a type of teaching tools that a teacher usually employs for producing a good work.  Generally device means things adopted for a particular purpose. Teaching device is one of the important requirements that a teacher must know and practice for getting success in his work. See >>> criteria of Good Teaching.

Teaching device is related to some instrument that are useful to facilitate the learning process and economise efforts. According to Raymond:

“Devices are certain external forms or modes which teacher’s instructions may from time time assume.”

Different Types of teaching device

Teaching devices are two types

  1. Natural devices
  2. Artificial devices

Natural teaching devices are those devices where learning occurs by product of direct experiences of the learners.

Natural devices of teaching are

  • Excursion
  • Field trip
  • Out door activity etc.

Artificial teaching devices are those device where learning is a by product of oral communication.

What is the devices of Teaching?

illustration devices of teaching
  1. Illustration
  2. Explanation
  3. Narration
  4. Questioning

Illustrations are those materials that a teacher uses to make the subject matter or the concept clear and easy to understand to the learners.

Illustration makes the content easy and more interesting to the learner. It also called as an example that makes something easier to understand. A teacher may use various pictures, models, charts, and scientific apparatus as an illustration.

According to the dictionary the word illustration means:

“An example, a picture or diagram that helps make something clear or attractive.”

In short, illustration is anything that stimulates the learner’s interest, creates curiosity to learn and makes the concept clear in the mind of the learners. Thus illustration is very important in teaching learning process it proves valuable in clearing the concept of abstract idea.

Importance of illustration in teaching
  • it motivates the learner
  • Illustration makes the subject matter easy to understand.
  • For an abstract idea, illustration is very useful tool.
  • It provides practical knowledge to the learners.
  • Develops creative and imaginative power of the students.
  • Illustration is a very effective tool for transaction of knowledge.

Types of illustration (devices of teaching)

There are two types of illustration

  1. Verbal illustration
  2. Visual illustration or non verbal illustration

verbal illustration in teaching

As the name suggest it is the illustration presents verbally before the students. In these types of illustration the teacher illustrates and the students listen so it involves hearing and understanding. Verbal illustration may include stories, dramas etc. And the teachers try to draw a picture of the difficult ideas by verbal activity so that it becomes easy for them to understand.

Non verbal illustration

In non verbal illustration the teacher doesn’t make use any kind of spoken language to explain the concept. He tries to explain the concept by showing charts, picture, diagrams etc. Non-verbal illustration is very helpful in teaching subjects like geography, history etc.

Disadvantages of illustration

 Though, illustration is very useful device of teaching which helps to make the subject matter easy to understand but it has some demerits. Some of the important disadvantages of illustrations are

  • It may consume lot of time.
  • Visual illustration is suitable in the lower class only.
  • It may have negative result.
  • For an effective illustration need lots of resources.
  • If teacher is not trained properly it may have bad impact to the students.


A device of teaching is a tool that teachers use during teaching learning process. It is very useful in fostering the development of knowledge and attitudes in the learners. There are two types of teaching device natural and artificial which we have discussed above. And a good teacher uses various methods and principles. In addition, he also uses maxims of teaching, devices of teaching for an effective teaching. See >>> Effective Teaching.

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Q.1 What are the importance of teaching devices?

Ans: Importance of teaching devices as in the following

  • To teach thoroghly:
  • Teach fast
  • to create interest in learning
  • Make something new
  • to integret work
  • etc.

Q.2 What are classroom instructional devices?

Ans: classroom instructional devices are as mentioned below

  • Chalk
  • Duster
  • Blackboard
  • Pointer
  • Textbook

Q.3 What are the devices of teaching?

Ans: The teaching devices are

These are the important tools which are used in teaching learning process.

  • Narration
  • Expaination
  • Illustration and
  • Questioning
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