Different use of fairly and rather in sentence

Different use of fairly and rather in sentence:

Students who are specially  learning english, keep looking for the appropriate use of Fairly and rather in sentence. Sometimes due to incomplete knowledge of these two adverbs, the learners use one for the another which leads to a big confusion among the readers of english learners. So now let us to elaborate the appropriate use of adverb fairly and Rather with examples.

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Fairly is used only before positive adverbs and adjectives, and then only if they denote something desirable or is viewed with approval. It should not use for things which are undesirable or viewed with disapproval.

Rather in sentence when we give more priority .It can be used for things either desirable or undesirable.

e.g 1.The seminar was fairly interesting.

2. The seminar was fairly well attended.

3. The seminar was rather boring.

4. The seminar was rather badly attended. etc.


fairly and rather

But you can’t use

1. The seminar was fairly boring.

2. The seminar was fairly badly attended.

Rules: 1. Before comparative and before too. We can not used fairly for either of these

Fore examples

  • 1. I am feeling rather better today.

But you can not use better such as: I am feeling fairly better today.

  • 2. You read rather too quickly. But not fairly too quickly.

Rule 2. Before certain nouns which are descriptive of an attitude towards a person or thing.

  • e. g It is rather pity to cut down those trees. Not fairy
  • He is rather a fool to give up a good job like that.

Rule 3. When an adverb of degree before verbs that express feeling of mind such as: I rather like that picture.

  • I rather wish I had taken your advice.

So this is the use of fairly and rather

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