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A lesson planning is an unavoidable part of teaching learning process. Lesson plan is a predetermined plan of a teacher according to which he or she delivers lecture before the students. So a teacher should prepare a good lesson plan for an effective and fruitful teaching. There are many essentials of a good lesson plan.

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Some of the important essentials or elements of a good lesson plans are in the following-

  • A lesson plan must be in written form.

One of the important qualities of a good lesson plan is it should be  written. It works as a guide for the teacher, to what he will teach, how he will teach, which method is to be used in the classroom etc. are mentioned in the lesson plan. So without a written form of a lesson plan the teacher may puzzle during teaching. Thus a good lesson plan is always to be written not in the mind of the teacher.

. Clear about the aims and objectives.

Another essential qualities of a good lesson plan is that it should states the aims and objectives which is to be achieved by the the teaching. The general objectives and the specific objectives both should be clearly mentioned in the lesson plan to be an effective good lesson plan.

  • It must be linked with previous knowledge of students.

A lesson plan is effective when it links to the previous knowledge of the students. The teacher should design a lesson plan by keeping in mind the level of student’s psychology standard ability, their previous knowledge,  understanding capacities. So that it sustains the interest and motivates  the students. So a lesson plan must be related to the previous lessons taught.

  • Well arranged subject matter and teaching aids

It is the another essentials of a good lesson plan. A teacher uses various materials or teaching aids. All the teaching aids which is to be used in the classroom should select and organized well. And also the subject matter for teaching should be mentioned and systematically organized in lesson plan.

  • . It should be flexible

Another good quality of a lesson plan is flexibility. It should be flexible and not the rigid one. The methods and techniques to be use by the teacher may change as per the situations. Flexibility helps to keep the students engage in teaching learning process.

  • It should indicates the techniques of teaching

A lesson plan must clearly indicates the techniques of teaching to be adopted by the teacher like the techniques of presentation of the lesson. methods to be followed, questions to be asked and the illustration to be use etc.

  • It should show the questions to ask

A lesson plan must include the question to be asked at the end of the lesson and the problem to be solved.

  • Is should  contains the references or reading

A good lesson plan includes the references for further reading . which motivates  student for extra reading.


Thus a good lesson plan is very important for an effective teaching. It is a statement of aims to be achieved wile teaching in classroom. So it is very important to have a good lesson plan some of the essentials of a good lesson plan which is written, flexible definite goals etc. are discussed above. Thank you


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