Grammar translation vs Bilingual method

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Grammar translation vs Bilingual method . GTM is a popular method of teaching english especially in India. With GTM it is important to know the dissimilarities between grammar translation method and bilingual method. As we know the most popular and widely used method of teaching English are-

Grammar translation

Bilingual method


Though all these method mainly used in Teaching of English Language. There are some core difference between grammar translation method and bilingual method.. Let’s discuss how the grammar translation method is distinguish from bilingual method of teaching.

Grammar translation

This method is the oldest method of teaching English also known as the classical method. In this method, translation of sentences, words and grammar are equally important. Through this method students remain poor is speaking English. This method starts with reading. In this method memorization of rules are given important.

Bilingual method

Bilingual method is recently develop method . In this method teacher uses two languages, one is the student’s mother tongue and the other is the language to be taught or the target language. Here students are not allowed to use mother tongue. Through bilingual method students masters the English language easily and quickly because students are given a lot of drill work and practice.

Grammar translation method vs bilingual method:

1. In bilingual method the teacher uses mother tongue while explain the meanings of English words, sentences, phrases etc. so the meanings become clear to the students and the students are not allowed to use their mother tongue.

But in grammar translation method as the name suggest it is the method of translating from mother tongue to English and English to mother tongue. So here the teacher and students both use the mother tongue while explains the meanings.

2. Drill practices. Like the direct method of teaching English. The students are assigned with a lot of practice in speaking English. So the students speak fluently. But in the grammar translation method student’s speaking English remain poor. Because they do not have any practices in speaking or drill work.

3. Bilingual methods , a very improved method. It is comparatively a recent develop method.

But grammar translation is an old method of teaching English. There is not improvement in this method.

4. In bilingual method there is a greater understanding of English. It becomes easier for the students to understand English. The teacher explains the new words, sentences, meanings in the mother tongue.

But the students understands very less in learning through grammar translation method because it emphasis on rote learning.

5. Bilingual method emphases on the skills of languages, like listening speaking reading and writing. It mainly focuses on speaking skills. We can say in this method pupils have greater practice in speaking English.

And the grammar translation method is an unnatural method of teaching English because it does not follow the natural order of language skills LSRW.  This method starts with teaching of reading. This method has less practice in speaking English.

6. In Grammar translation method students use excessive mother tongue which has negative impact on them. It forces students to think first in their mother tongue and then to speak English.

Whereas in bilingual method of teaching students do not use mother tongue which enforce them to master in speaking English quickly and efficiently.

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