Imagism Movement by Ezra pound

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Imagism and Ezra pound | Imagism Movement by Ezra pound

  Imagism and Ezra pound  Pound was born in 1885 in Hailey Idaho. And he was one of the most important modernist poet. He Traveled through Europe visiting England, France, Italy. during this time, he become interested in Chinese. and Japanese poetry that interests last throughout his life.

Pound came to England in 1908 where he worked as an American tourist guide. His self published book called ‘ A lume Spento which he dedicated to his friend, a Philadelphia artist William brook smooth.

  Pound’s Important contribution to modernism began with the development of Imagism in 1912, it was at that time in England, when W. B Yeats, T.S Eliot, Robert, Frost Ezra Pound they gathered in London, they discussed with each other. It was at that time Robert Frost was writing the boys will, North of Boston. Another important figure in this milieu was Hilda Doolittle who met Pound in 1901 at Pennsylvania and in 1911. she followed Pound in London. Soon after arriving in London, she showed Pound some poetry she had written. Pounds found all the qualities in her poem for which he was searching. He signed her poem with her name as H. D.imagiste and sent it to the powerful lady editor Harriet Monroe for the publication.

Des imagiste

 William Carlos William’s The Red Wheelbarrow Pound ‘s In a station of metro 1913 , are the best example of imagist poetry. In 1914 Pound edited Des imagiste a collection of poetry where William Carlos William, T. S Eliot James Joyce and many others.

    As the Imagist poet rejected the sentiments of Victorian and Romantic poetry. Imagist poets decided that the best way to write poetry is the simple and few words. In Imagist poem the poet doesn’t talk about the theme behind the images. But they let the image itself be the focus of the poem.

Three tenets to write Imagist poetry.

  1. Direct treatment of the object. The poem should deal directly with what is being talked about, not try to use fancy words to talk about it. Example The apparition of these faces in the crowd, petals on a wet, black bough.
  2. Do not write which doesn’t contribute to the presentation. or not try to use adjectives or superfluous words which doesn’t reveal something.
  3. Write in the rhythm of the musical phrases not in the rhythm of metronome.

Thus, although Imagism was a short lived movement. But that played an important role to introducing the sensitivities of modern english poetry.

These is the short and selective lines about imagism and Ezra pound.

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