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Teaching is the Greatest Profession in the world, which creates all other profession. A successful teaching mainly depend on the teacher. His strategy, techniques, methods and appropriate planning. In this article you will know the Importance of Lesson Plan.

  • Sample of Leson plan for English.
  • Direct method of teaching

What is Lesson Plan?

A lesson plan is a predetermined plan, according to which the teacher presents his lectures before the students. By  using suitable teaching methods and Teaching aids within a given time time.

Before teaching every teacher has some ideas in his minds  as what to be taught, how he will start his teaching. And which questions will ask to the students and how he will conclude his lesson in that specific time period. All these are planned before the actual teaching start is simply known as lesson plan.

  •  By lesson planning is meant the description of all those resources by which achievements are realized as a result of certain activities within a prescribed time.

Significance or Importance:

Lesson plan is an important part of teaching learning process. Without knowing the significance of lesson plan Maxims of Teaching a teacher cannot teach effectively. Success in teaching comes only through the proper planning of a lesson.

  • Complete Lesson Plan

Here are some importance of lesson plan:

1.Clarity of aims:

A teacher can not teach effectively unless he knows the aims and objectives of a particular lesson. Aims and objectives of a lesson is the foremost things that a teacher must know before entering a classroom.

Like the aims of the lesson that he is going to teach in the class and which aims he is going to realize by his teaching. A lesson plan helps  him to ensure about the goals of a lesson that he is going to teach.

2. Appropriate Teaching Method:

After fixing the aims and objectives of the lesson the teacher needs to select suitable method for his teaching. There are many teaching methods like lecture methods, Translation method, problem solving method,  discussion method etc. Which method is appropriate for his teaching a particular topic it must be select before the teaching starts.

A teacher must keep in mind the abilities, capabilities of his students while taking this decision. So that the teacher does not face any problem during his teaching. Thus a lesson plan guides the teacher in executing a teaching process effectively.

3.Menagement of teaching aids:

For an effective teaching a teacher needs different types of teaching materials.  The teaching aids which are appropriate according to his teaching methods if these aids are managed in advance. It  would help  to carry out his teaching smoothly. Thus a lesson plan is helpful for managing teaching aids.

3.  Confidence in Teacher:

A lesson plan helps a teacher to decide appropriate method and teaching aids which are suitable according to his teaching methods. It helps to carry out his teaching systematically and smoothly which boost the confidence of a teacher because all the necessary materials are predefined.

4. Saves time and energy:

Constructing a lesson plans saves the time and energy. The complete teaching process is carried out according to the plan that a teacher already has made. He clearly knows what he has to do in the class and when . he also knows what the studernts are suppose to do. So a lesson plan helps the time and their energy do not waste.

5. Complete the syllabus in time:

A good lesson plan helps to complete the syllabus in time. the whole syllabus is divided into monthly or quartly units which is a unit plan. And then each unit is further divides into daily lesson plan . So a lesson plan helps a teacher to know the time for each unit. As per the require time he can complete the syllabus. Without a lesson plan teacher may by mistake teach a lesson twice which will waste the time . this is another key factor of the importance of lesson plan helps a teacher to complete the syllabus in time.

  • Key Principles of Teaching
  • Important Maxims of teaching
What are the pre-requisites of lesson planning?

There are some prerequisites the a teacher must know. There are

  • Mastery over the subject matter. A teacher should have enough knowledge of the subject in which he will teach in the classroom. He also know what are the activities to be taken up for a lesson planning.
    • The teacher must know the previous knowledge of the students before preparing the lesson plan.
    • Before making a lesson plan a teacher should know the aims and objective of lesson.
    • The principles of teaching  and techniques which a teacher must know with the knowledge of the principles of teaching he can not teach any lesson effectively.
    • The child psychology  the teacher must have the knowledge of child psychology. And also the child for whom he is preparing lesson plan.
    • The teacher must remember that every individual is different and unique. So before making a lesson plan he should keep in mind the individual difference of children.
    • Teacher must keep in mind the age, abilities and capabilities of the children while designing a lesson plan.

Thus a lesson plan is a pre-determined plan of a teacher according to which he teaches in the classroom. Whiout a lesson plan a teacher’s dream of successful teacher is never going to come true. So it is true to say that the Importance of Lesson Plan is crucial. There are many reasons why a teacher must know the how to make a lesson plan and how to implement in the class.

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