Lecture Method of Teaching | merits and demerits | b.ed notes

Lecture method of Teaching: In this modern time, the teacher not only imparts knowledge to the students. But also guides them step by step through a variety of experiences to achieve the goals of Teaching Learning Process.

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The methods and approaches are the basic components of pedagogical knowledge this knowledge is essential for every teacher. Methods are always determined based on the type and nature content. A teacher uses various techniques, strategies and methods of teaching so that teaching learning is effective and modifies the behavior of students.

There are many methods of teaching like lecture method tutorial method team teaching direct method. Etc. while using lecture method a teacher can indicate by his facial expression, gestures and tones to convey the meanings exactly.

A successful teacher always keeps in mind that teaching must be dynamic, challenging and in accordance with learner’s comprehension. So method must be flexible and workable. Let’s dive into the meaning of lecture method of teaching | merits and demerits of lecture method | and Precautions to be taken while using lecture method.

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Concept of Lecture Method


Lecture method is an oldest method of teaching it is also known as traditional teaching method. In lecture method, teacher speaks or delivers a lecture on a particular topic. It lays emphasis on the presentation of the topic or subject matter.

In this method teacher simply tries to explain the subject matter in simple and understandable language. It means teaching a lesson in a form of speech and motivates the learners. This method is called one way traffic where the teacher is active and students are just passive listeners because teacher gives an idea through lecture and students receive them. So a teacher has to use this method very carefully so that students do not feel boring in the classroom.

Though lectures method like other methods is very popular method. It has some merits and limitations of using  lecture method. Which are mentioned below?

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Merits / Advantages

  • It develops the skill of listening as the teacher delivers his lectures and students listen very carefully.
  • This method is economical in nature as there is no need of extra apparatus and laboratory. A large number of students can be addressed or taught at the same time.
  • Through this method time can be reduce and saves the energy and covers syllabus within a given time.
  • Lecture method is a psychological as the teacher prepares his lectures in keeping mind the level of student’s psychology.
  • A good lecture can encourage the students to develop their thinking reasoning and judgment capacity.
  • It also develops the student’s audience habit.
  • The teacher can deliver his lecture in accordance with the interest ability of the students as the teacher is intimate and close while delivering his lecture in the classroom.

Demerits of lecture method

First limitation of lecture method is that it it teacher oriented method. Where only the teacher is active in the classroom and students are passive listeners.

Secondly it is not suitable for children. Modern education system focus on child centered learning. Lecture method is best for the matured learners.

Thirdly, it is not a good method for all teachers. Lecture method to be effective the teacher must have a vast knowledge in the subject matter. If the teacher fails to deliver his lecture effectively students may be bore or monotonous in the classroom

Fourthly, individual difference is an important factor for an inclusive education. This method does not take into consideration the individual differences.

Fifth lecture method is appropriate for higher classes and not for the lower level or elementary classes which is another limitation of lecture method of teaching.

Suggestions for Teachers while using Lecture Method

1. Teacher must be careful while using this method or delivering lecture. He/she should speak very clearly and slowly, so the students are able to understand.

2. In between of teaching, the teacher should highlight the important points while delivering lectures.

3. The subject matter should correlate with other area of study or subject.

4. The Teacher should use gestures expression and pause in between of his lectures so the students will get the exact message the teacher wants or convey.

5. Lectures should not be too lengthy otherwise students may get boring.

6. Teacher must have good communication skills while delivering lectures.

7. In between of teaching the teacher should use blackboard properly.

8. Proper use of teaching aids.

9. Maintaining proper time.

10. Teacher should keep in mind the aim of lesson while delivering lecture.

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Importance of lecture method of teaching

In teaching lecture method is important for the following reasons-

  • To provide information to the students.
  • It helps students to save their time & energy.
  • Lecture method is important to clarify the concept or subject matter of the topic.
  • It is also important to motivate & create interest of the learners.
  • To evacuate the teacher’s own lecture or self-evaluation it is important.
  • It is easy and simple method of teaching.
  • Lecture method is very important to address the many students at a time.

Thus in teaching Learning Process teacher uses methods of teaching based on the content or the subject of teaching.  It is one of the oldest classical or fixed methods of teaching. It is the method where teacher delivers his lectures and explain the topic before students. The whole class is controlled by the teacher he is the active figure and students are passive listeners. The merits and demerits of lecture method which have been discussed above. Please visit to know The Criteria for Good Teaching.

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