Lesson plan class 8 on Indian constitution

Lesson plan class 8 on constitution| Bed lesson plan of social science

Lesson plan Class: 8

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Lesson : Indian Constitution

Textbook: Social Science

Lesson plan class 8  First step:  A. ‘Identification of Data’

In this part, the details are filled up. Here  include the information of the school, name number of students name of the book topic lesson and teacher’s info.-

B. General Objectives and List of Teaching Aids-

following are the objective , general objective are the overall purpose which a teacher has to achieve in the whole year. and the specific objective the based on the teaching points which vary from chapter to chapter.

C. Introduction of the Lesson:

In this part of introduction the teacher enters into classroom with a smiling face and starts his lessoning steps by step. First the teacher observe the classroom whether it is arranged or not if necessary he will arrange the classroom properly then ask some questions to test their previous knowledge. After that he will declare the lesson and write it on the top of the blackboard and starts his actual class step by step.-

D. Presentation of the Lesson:


Presentation is the main part of the lesson plan in this steps the teacher explain the lesson step by step. All the plan of teacher execute in this steps. After completing each teaching point the teacher ask questions whether the students are understanding or not. This is why continuous comprehensive evaluation which is done simultaneously with the class. The table of this presentation steps in the following

Lesson plan class 8

E. Closure part of the Lesson:

closure is the last step where teacher conclude the lesson in this step, he sums up the whole lesson. And ask the students to listen attentively, also the students ask questions if any doubt. Then the teacher gives some class works to do in the class. After that the teacher writes one or two question and ask students to write in their respective copies as a home work. And the students submit their homework in the next class. See the closure table

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Thus a teacher has to prepare a Lesson plan class 8 of social science of the topic of Indian constitution.

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