Life Skills Education b.ed notes | Life skills & Gender Equality

Life skills education has a significant role in removing gender inequality from our society. It is a human right for everyone to access gender neutral and quality education. Without proper education and gender neutral education a society can never be progress. So to build a gender neutral inclusive society is the goal of every progressive society in the world.

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There are many factors, which plays a significant role to ensure equality in all aspects of life including gender equality. One of such factor is the life skill education. It is an important tool through which gender inequality can be promote. Here we have covered what is life skill education? What are the life skills? Importance and characteristics of life skill education.

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What are life skills?

In simple word life skills are those skills strategies of techniques of a person or individual through which one can lead a happy healthy and prosperous life. Life is a journey through which an individual faces various obstacles problems and sometimes life becomes unhappy. But the life skill education helps to live a good life by facing all the obstacles and problems in the journey of life. Life skills can make a person self-motivated, strong and well adjusted person. These life skills are psycho-social skills which can be learning and practice.

Types of life skill education

World health organization (WHO) indentifies some life skills which are mentioned bellow-

  1. Self awareness skill
  2. Decision making skill
  3.  Critical thinking skill
  4. Creative thinking
  5. Interpersonal skill
  6. Problem solving ability
  7. Skill of empathy sympathy
  8. Skill to deal with emotional stress

Life skill education is unavoidable for the promotion of a healthy development of child and adolescent. It prepares the young people for the well being of the society, for the development of a good citizenship, establishing democratic values etc.

According to World Health Organization (WHO):

“Life skill education is the ability for adaptive and positive behaviors that enables individual to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life.”

This definition of life skill education clears the concept of life skill education. It is a well structured programmed which initiates participatory learning that aims to enhance positive and adaptive behavior of facilitating individuals to develop the practice psycho-social skills and function effectively in social environment. So the life skill education essentially for the development of an individual in all aspects and to remove the gender biasness from society.


Life skill skill education as tries to develop an individual so that they can be able to live happy life and be a well adjusted person in the social environment. So in the present scenario it has a great importance in society and schools. Regarding this view some important points are mentioned below-

  • Life education helps children to tackle problems of peer pressure such as taking drugs, cigarette etc.
  • It enables individual to build knowledge attitude and nature into what to do and what are not to do.
  • Life skills contribute to our perception of self-efficiency, self confidence and self-esteem.
  • It helps to gain practical knowledge in different field business service medical etc.
  • It helps to manages the emotions of children such as anger, jealousy tension complexity etc.
  • These skills of life help to lead a happy peaceful and productive life in the society.

Life skill education and gender equality

Gender is giving privileges to the men and women equally irrespective of their genders. We know that the education system in the major factor to the problem of gender equality. Education is also blamed for promoting gender stereotyping through the institutions, like schools, colleges. So it is universally recognized that such type of stereotyping can be best addressed by providing quality education that equips students with life skills.

Life skills education can assist in the overall cognitive social physical emotional development for the all learner. These skills of life will definitely create a gender responsive environment where all are honored equal without any discrimination.

Some of the important points regarding the life skill education which can promote gender equality in the society.


  1. Life skill education enable the students to keep themselves up to date knowledge regarding their health, their rights and duties, they also become aware about human right which make the students specially the girls aware of the gender equality.
  2. and It includes the topics like human rights gender equality sustainable development etc. so it can be redress inequality that are being practiced inside and outside the school.
  3. Implementing of life skills in teaching and learning uses a variety of participatory and interactive techniques like role playing, debating, decision making etc. which can create a gender balanced environment in the school.
  4. Life skill education provides both girls and boys equal opportunities of discussion, voicing, opinions within the learning context.
  • It allows students to think critically about the various ideas, attitudes beliefs and expectation popularly held about men and women.
  • Life skill education also reflects the personal understanding and experiences about gender in different stages of child development, which help them to sensitize to the uses of gender.
  • It develops the personality of students and the issues related sexuality and become involve and implement effective intervention programmers.
  • Life skills can achieve positive behavioral changes in respect to gender norms through a balance of knowledge attitude and skills.

Life skill education helps to live a good life by facing all the obstacles and problems in the journey of life. Life skills can make a person self-motivated, strong and well adjusted person. The development of life skill is very important element of quality education. Through life skill education we can achieve gender equality in the society. It is an approach that can promote sensitivity which consequently contributes to equality in teaching learning process. Please visit to know Gender Issues.


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