MCQ on Assessment and Evaluation | Questions with Answer

MCQ on Assessment and Evaluation: Evaluation is the criteria of success and failure of an activity. In education, evaluation is used in order to know whether the changes in the behavior of the students are as the pre determined objectives or not.

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Evaluation and measurement is an important topic of pedagogy section. Every year in teaching related competitive exams, CTET or State TET (Teacher Eligibility Test) 4 to 5 Questions are asked. In this article, we have discussed most important multiple choice questions on assessment and evaluation. Make sure you check these questions please visit to know about Evaluation.

Mcq on Evaluation and measurement in Education

1.Evaluation is a process of…?

a) Qualitative

b) Quantitative

c) Both qualitative and quantitative

d) None of the above

Answer: c

2 Error of Evaluation is..?

  1. Personal error
  2. Variable error
  3. Constant error
  4. All of the above

Answer: 4

3 School based assessments…

  1. Encourage teaching to the test as they involve frequent testing.
  2. Focus on exam techniques rather than outcome.
  3. Offer less control to the students over what will be assessed.
  4. Improve learning by providing a constructive feedback.

Answer: 4

4. Teacher can utilize both assessment for learning and assessment of learning to

a) Know learning needs of child and select teaching strategy accordingly.

b) Assess child’s performance at periodic intervals and certify his/her performance.

c) Monitor children’s progress and set appropriate goals to fill their learning gaps.

d) Know children’s progress and achievement level.

 Answer: c

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mcq on assessment and evaluation in education

5. For evaluation teacher should use…

  1. Objective type question.
  2. Essay type question.
  3. Oral testing.
  4.  Focuses on child’s development in different learning areas.
  5. It is useful to label children as slow, poor or intelligent.
  6. Or it has been mandated by the right to education Act of India.

Answer: 3

8. Assessment for learning...

  1. Foster motivation.
  2. Is done for the purpose of segregation and ranking.
  3. Emphasis the overall importance of grades.
  4. Is an exclusive and a peer assessment.

Answer: 1

9. Which of the following highlights assessment for learning?

  1. Teacher assesses conceptual understanding of the students besides focusing on the processes of thinking.
  2. The teacher assesses the students by comparing their responses to ‘standard’ responses.
  3. Teacher assesses the students based on the information given in the textbooks.
  4. The teacher assesses a student based on his/her performance in comparison to other.

Answer: 1

10. Assessment of learners’ achievement helps the teacher to

  1. Evaluate the effectiveness of pedagogy.
  2. Make ability grouping of learners in the classroom.
  3. Prepare activity log for teaching.
  4. Maintain the performance record of learners.
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Thus, We have discussed some important mcq on Assessment and Evaluation that will help you to clear the concept of measurement and evaluation. Visit to know objective questions on pedagogy.

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