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MCQ on Teaching and Learning Process: Teaching learning process is a transformation process of knowledge or ideas from teachers to learners. It refers to the combination of other elements, like knowledge, communication skill, teaching aptitude, strategies etc.  Please visit to know about Teaching Learning Process.

 In this article we have shared some important mcq on teaching learning process. Objective type questions on pedagogy for competitive exams TET (Teacher eligibility Test) CTET.

MCQ on Teaching and Learning Process

Below are the objective questions with answers explaination. Which will give you complete insight on this topic teaching learning process and pedagogy?

Q.1 Teaching learning process is a journey from-

  1. concrete to abstract
  2. Known to unknown
  3. Simple to complex
  4. All

Answer: d  

Explaination: In teaching learning process teacher uses various maxims of teaching. Form examples simple to complex, here the teacher explains the simple concept first then he tries to explain the complex concept. Similarly known to unknown, concrete to obstruct, etc are maxims of teaching. Here the right answer is d) which all of the above is. Please visit to know about Maxims of Teaching.

Q.2 Learning is a natural activity of-

  1. Learners
  2. Teachers
  3. Individuals
  4. Living organism

Answer: d

Q.3 what should the teacher do if a student is unable to answer questions in classroom?

Explaination: Learning is a lifelong and continuous process. Not only human beings seek to learn new things but the entire living organisms on earth learn as they grow up. They learn to communicate; they learn how to adjust in their respective society etc.

  1. Advice him/her to study well
  2. Try to understand the reason why he was unable to answer the questions.
  3. Punish him/her so that he answers next time.
  4. Scold him in class and make him feel insulted.

Answer: b) Try to understand the reason why he was unable to answer the questions.

Q.4 learning is a continuous process from-

  1. Adolescence to death
  2. Childhood to old age
  3. Infancy to adulthood
  4. Cradle to grave

Answer: d) cradle to grave

Explaination: sometimes instead of cradle to grave, you can see womb to tomb in the options. Learning begins from the womb of motherland it continuous until death. It is not completed in just one step rather it is a lifelong process continues throughout the life from cradle to grave. Robber E.Lee said: ‘the education of a man is never completed until he dies’.

Q.5 learning may be:

  1. Formal
  2. Informal
  3. Formal & informal
  4. None of the above

Answer: c) formal & informal

Explaination: learning can be formal and informal. It can take place inside the classroom as well as outside the classroom. Formal learning is fully structured and takes place within the classroom like schools Colleges University etc. on the other hand informal learning is unstructured. It can take place anywhere it is not limited to classroom boundary or learning environment only.

Q.6 In teaching which of the following is a challenge for the teacher?

  1. Prepare a question paper
  2. To evaluate the students
  3. Maintain discipline
  4. To make teaching learning enjoyable

Answer: d) To make teaching learning enjoyable.

Explaination: teaching is successful when teaching learning becomes interactive and students learn with interest. A good teacher always makes teaching learning process interesting. Please visit to know Criteria of Good Teaching.

Q.7 In teaching learning process, which of the following are dependent variables?

  1. Students
  2. Principles
  3. Teacher
  4. Parents

Answer: a)

Explaination: students are dependent variable because they are depended on teachers in teaching learning process. And the teacher is an independent variable.

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Q.7 The main aim of classroom teaching is-

  1. To give information
  2. Develop inquiring mind
  3. To develop personality of students
  4. Help students to only pass the examination.

Asnwer:c) Develop personality of the students.

Q.8 Effectiveness of teaching has to be judged in terms of-

  1. Syllabus coverage
  2. Student’s interest
  3. Use of teaching aids in the classroom
  4. Learning outcomes of students.

Answer: d) Learning outcomes of the students

Explaination: Learning outcomes are based on the teaching points. A teacher knows the probable outcomes of teaching. If the desired results of the learning outcomes are fulfill then the teaching is effective.

Q.9 Which one of the following is a scaled down teaching situation?

  1. Team teaching
  2. Cooperative teaching
  3. Macro teaching
  4. Micro teaching

Answer:d) Micro-teaching

Explanation: micro teaching in  teaching learning process. The teaching units break down into small parts. It is a technique to develop the teaching skill of a teacher. The teacher teaches only 5 to 10 students at a time for 5 to 10 minutes of duration. that is why it is called a scaled down situation. Please visit to know Micro-Teaching.

Q.1O  Most appropriate meaning of learning is-

  1. Acquisition of knowledge
  2. Personal adjustment
  3. Inculcation of knowledge
  4. Modification of behavior

Answer:d)  Modification of behavior.

Explaination: according to Edmund amid on: “teaching process is designed and performed to produce change in student’s behavior.” The main objective of teaching is the modification of behavior of learner.

Q.11 Which among the following is a “Law of Learning” ?

  1. Law of motivation
  2. The Law of individual difference
  3. Law of exercise
  4. None

Answer: c) Law of exercise

Explaination: Edward Thorndike gives 7 laws of learning. among them important 3 laws of learning are) Law of Readiness 2) Law of Exercise 3) Law of Effect.

MCQ on Teaching Learning Process

Q.12 What are the sequence of steps of lesson planning?

  1. Presentation
  2. Set general objectives
  3. Introduction and motivation
  4. homework
  5. Recapitulation
  1. A,b,c,d,e
  2. B,c,a,e,d
  3. B,c,a,d,e
  4. C,b,a,e,d

Answer:     B,c,a,e,d

Explaination: The lesson planning steps which include, set general objectives, then introduction then presentation, recapitulation and homework.

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Q.13 which of the following is not a technique of teaching?

  1. Drilling technique
  2. Illustration
  3. Dramatization
  4. Kindergarten

Answer:d) kindergarten is not a technique of teaching it is a school for very young children.

Q.14 Primary teacher should try to or concentrate in:

  1. Raising intellectual standard of the students
  2. Improving physical standard of students
  3. Help all round development of students
  4. Inculcating value in students.

Answer: all round develop of children

Explaination: The main objective of teaching is  all round development of a child.  Physical mental emotional intellectual etc.

Here we have shared some impotents mcq on teaching and learning and pedagogy. Hope it will help you in upcoming Teacher Eligibility Test (TET CTET SLET NET) .

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