Meaning of Guidance | Definition & Importance in Education

Meaning of guidance| Definition | and the Importance  of guidance in Education.

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Meaning of guidance is to help or direct or Guide someone to help him to solve his/her problem. The concept of guidance is as old as the society itself. Generally parents provide guidance to their children. Thus children got guidance from more experience and knowledgeable person whom they believed are capable of giving guidance. This concept of guidance got extended to its various other aspects of human life. After introducing a vocational course in Harvard University in 1911. Now at present time it becomes a part of human life. The area of guidance is very vast. Guidance is given in the field of education, vocation, avocation, social guidance and also guidance related to health and fitness.

Meaning of guidance & its definition:

Guidance is a process which helps an individual to deal himself in different situation of life. It helps an individual to lead a balance and tension free life with optimum level of satisfaction. Guidance is an organized process which helps an individual in understanding their perception, interest, attitude, drawback, and strength, abilities. Which make them well adjusted person in the society. It also helps to create spirit of self confidence and self dependence in individual. Thus guidance is a process which helps them to solve their own problem by themselves.

Definitions of guidance: which helps to understand meaning of guidance

There are many definition of guidance, some of the selective and important definition are given bellow which will help you to understand the concept of guidance better.-

According to Traxler:

 “Guidance is that which enable each individual to understand his abilities and interest to develop them as far as possible to relate them to life goals and finally to reach a state of complete and mature self guidance as a desirable member of society.”

Through this definition it is clear that guidance is a process through which an individual can understand himself. b) It also helps to understand one’s relationship with other. c)  It is a process through which an individual understand his problems. d) Through this process an individual understands and know how to take right decision in life.

According to-

G.E. Smith, “Guidance process consists of a group of services to individual to assist him in securing knowledge and skill needed in making adequate choices, plans and interpretation essential to satisfactory adjustments in a variety of areas.”

Importance of guidance in education:

Guidance plays an important role to shape one’s life. At birth every individual is incomplete so, an organized guidance service is very important. Need and importance of guidance.-

1.Guidance helps an individual to make wise choices when faced with various alternatives available. It may be in the field of education or any other area of guidance.

2.Guidance is important because it helps an individual to understand his potentialities, to acquire knowledge of their level of intelligent, level of maturity and self concept.

3. Guidance services help people to solve their educational, vocational, and personal problems as effectively as possible.

4. Guidance also helps individual to think realistically as it helps to acquire more reliable information about the world of work and him.

5. Guidance is important because through guidance process one can understand his abilities and shortcomings which help to solve his problem by their own. It also motivates people to contribute their best to the welfare of the society.

6. Proper Guidance help to live a balance and satisfactory life as it helps to solve the problem of human life.

7. Guidance also helps to deal with the need of various types of students. There is special type of children like gifted children, intelligent children. To cater the educational need of this special group of children, proper guidance is very important.

9. Guidance helps to create an atmosphere where students have the freedom to express themselves and also provide opportunities for creative work.

10. Guidance is important to diagnose the learning difficulty of students and helps them to solve this problem. know more Wikipedia visit


Thus the guidance is a process by which an individual or group of individual are helped to make necessary adjustment to the environment inside and outside of the school.

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