Measurement and Evaluation in Education b ed notes

Measurement and evaluation is very important concept in education. The term Measurement and evaluation are sometimes used interchangeably. However in education these two terms are used separately. In this article you will learn the difference between Measurement and evaluation b.ed notes. How are educational Measurement and Evaluation related to each other.

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What is Measurement?

Measurement is the systematic collection of information about the student’s skills, knowledge in numeric way. It is evaluation that express in quantitive terms or in numbers. To know more about visit: measurement.

What is evaluation?

Evaluation is a broad term. It refers to the process which assesses the weakness and strengths of student’s performance and about appropriate teaching strategies to improve its effectiveness.

Benjamin Bloom defined Evaluation as a tool in educational practice for ascertaining whether alternative procedures were equally effective or not in achieving a set of educational ends”.

Four Types of Evaluation

  1. Formative
  2. Summative
  3. Placement
  4. Diagnostic

What is the Difference Between Measurement and Evaluation

As you know evaluation is a broad term and it is a part of evaluation. For example– when a teacher assign a mark on a given particular task which is preformed by a student. It is simply a act of measurement and when the teacher compare this score or marks with those of other learners then the teacher is doing an act of evaluation. Thus, you can see the terms evaluation is wider than measurement.

Here is the table in comparison of these two terms that will help you to understand the difference.

a. Measurement is quantitative.a. Evaluation is qualitative as well as quantitative.
b. Measurement is very objective.b. Evaluation is subjective.
c.Measurement is more formal and accurate.c. Evaluation formal and informal both it is less accurate.
d. It is scientific in nature.d. It is philosophical.
e. Scope of measurement is narrow.e. Wide scope.
f. Measurement provides numerical dataf. Evaluation uses numerical data and provides qualitative results
g. Testing and observation methods are usedg. Observation, interviews, questionaire, records etc.
Difference Between Measurement and Evaluation in Education b ed notes.

Measurement vs Evaluation

  1. Measurement is qualitative as it provides numerical judgment whereas Evaluatio n is qualitative as well as quantitative both as it assigns grade and level. For example– student’s marks, raw score, rank are measurement. And when a student are assign grade is an example of evaluation.
  2. The measurement in education is a planned and formal it provides more precise and accurate results as it deals with quantitative data. On the other hand evaluation is may be formal as well as informal, planned or unplanned and less accurate.
  3. It is quantitative so reliability, objectivity, validity are its characteristics and evaluation is subjective as well as objective it may be reliable and valid.
  4. The scope of measurement is very narrow it is a part of evaluatio n whereas it is a broad terms its scope is wide.
  5. An aptitude test, intelligence achievement, observation techniques are used as a tool of measurement and inventories, rating scale, questionnaire, interviews, situational test, and check test are the tools of evaluation.


From the above discusion it has been clear that measurement deals with quantitative data, gather information about the student’s skills, knowledge in numeric way. It provides score to the student’s performance and Evaluation is a quantitative as well as qualitative it provides grade. Both the terms are very important in education. Please visit to know The Importance of Measurement in Education.

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