Methods of Teaching B.Ed Notes

Teaching refers to those activities which are designed mainly to bring behavioural changes in students in a desired manner. A good teaching requires skills, techniques and effective teaching strategies. In modern day, a teacher’s responsibility is not only to provide knowledge to the students but also guide them through the variety of experiences. For this, the teacher has to use different methods of teaching. In this article, effective teaching methods, teaching strategies, and styles of teaching will be discuss for various exams.

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What is Teaching Methods and Strategies?

`For an effective teaching, it is necessary to choose an appropriate method of teaching. As there are many different methods of teaching that a teacher can use in teaching learning process. However, The specific goals, purpose and the nature of the content which determine the method of teaching. But a suitable method is important to choose for achieving comprehensive objectives of teaching.

Important Methods of Teaching

What is Teaching strategy

Teaching strategy is a purposefully conceived and determined plan of action by a teacher. And the teacher uses the strategy to attain certain outcomes. It is dynamic because the teaching strategies differ from teacher to teacher.

Stones and Morris, “ Teaching strategy is a generalised plan for a lesson which includes structure, desired learners behaviour in terms of goals, instruction and an outline of planned tactics necessary to implement the strategy.”

Autocratic / Teacher Centred Method

The autocratic style of teaching is completely teacher centred where the teacher dominate the learning situation. The students are just a passive listener because the teacher controls the classrom. The student does not get any freedom to express themselves. For example, Lecture method is a teacher centered method or autocratic style of teaching. It is a traditional style of teaching. Autocratic style of teaching does not take into consideration the abilities and interest of the learners.

Democratic / Learner Centred Method

On the other hand democratic style of teaching is an opposite approach to Teacher centred education. It is totally child centred approach. In this learner centred method, the teacher teaches as per the ability, interest and aptitude of the learners. Here the learners are the centre of teaching learning process and they are free to express themselves. Because the child is the active participant and the teachers are passive. The modern education system is totally child centric.

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