What is Micro Teaching, Cycle, Concept, Bed Note

Concept of micro teaching: or ‘Micro teaching cycle is a scaled down process of breaking the teaching units into small parts’ describe?

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There are various devices to modify the behavior of teachers to develop different teaching skills. one of such devices is micro teaching.

What is Mirco Teaching?

Micro Teaching is a modern approach of teaching. It was first introduced at Stanford university USA between 1960-67. this teaching was develop by Allan and Robert bush.

Micro-teaching is a technique to develop teaching skills, where the teacher trainee has to practice a specific teaching skill under control situations. In micro teaching student teacher teaches a single unit of lesson for 5 to 10 minutes to a small group of students that is 5 to 10 students. The teacher trainee is provided immediate feedback on the basis of which he can improve his classroom behavior.

Micro-teaching is a scaled down process of breaking the teaching units into small parts. Because the students teacher  exposed to the real classroom situation. It breaks into a small segments, the teacher-trainee teaches a small group of 5 to 10 students for a small period of 5 to 10 minutes. During which only one particular skill is attempted to develop. So micro teaching cycle is a scaled down process of breaking the teaching units into small segments.

In it only one particular skill is trying to develop under control situation. This process of practice continues until the desired results are fulful.

Micro teaching cycle:

micro teaching


In planning time the students teacher plans his lesson and select his own skill to demonstrate his lesson.


After planning next comes teaching. Teaching is called as a modelling. Teaching is required 6 minutes to the class of 5 to 10 students. The practice of lesson is supervised by the supervisor and other teacher-trainees.


The supervisor or the teacher and other teacher-trainees who are observing the practice session, provides immediate feedback on the teaching performance. Feedback is provided only in 6 minutes practice time.


If the performance is not good then the teacher trainee re-plans his lesson. Here 12 minutes is provided to the teacher trainee.


The teacher trainee re-teaches the lesson using the selected skills for 6 minutes based on the re-plan of the lesson.


The teacher trainee is provided feedback again on the performance of re-plan lesson with the help of observation schedule.

Thus, the cycle of it continues until the fulfilment of the desired results.


  1. There is a immediate feedback in micro-teaching. It is not available in traditional teaching.
  2. It is a technique which attempts to develop teaching skills of teacher-trainees.
  3. Micro-teaching focus to develop only one skill at a time.
  4. It carried out under control situation teacher trainee instead of being expose to the real classroom situation. They have to teach small group of students which is fully under control.
  5. The provided feedback through tape recorder, CCTV recorded version etc helps the teacher trainee to improve or modify his/her classroom teaching.
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