Narration as a teaching device

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Are you a teacher? Do you want to teach effectively? Here are some important devices or tools of teaching that will help you to make teaching learning fruitful. In this article the devices of teaching will be discussed in details. Read the full article to know narration as a teaching device.

Narration as a teaching method

There are various types of teaching devices employed by teacher to make his teaching more fruitful. It is one the important teaching device. It helps the students to grasp things easily and quickly.


A narration is an verbal device of teaching. It is an interesting oral presentation of the subject-matter. So it is a great way of communicating knowledge. The technique of narration is mainly used is teaching subjects like science, history, civics, economics, geography etc. effectively. (See effective teaching)

Narration is a valued device of teaching for an oral communication. So it means giving an account of something or presenting well ordered verbal account of objects, telling stories to the students. It is presenting in such an interesting and creative way that the students draw a picture in their mind. It is an art like any other creative art every teacher should know the technique of narration.

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According Panton:

“ Narration is an art itself which aims presenting to the pupils, through the medium of speech, clear vivid, interesting ordered sequence of events, in such a way that their mind reconstruct  these happenings and they live in imagination through the experiences recounted either as spectators or possibly ass participators.”

Thus narration as a technique of presenting subject matter, telling stories or any situations is a creative way through the medium of speech.

Importance in teaching

What is the importance of narration?

Narration is very important teaching tool that a teacher should use to make his teaching effective and fruitful. Some of the key points of narration are mentioning bellow.

  • It makes the subject matter easy and interesting for the students.
  • Students can preserve knowledge for a longer period of time.
  • Through the technique of narration teacher try to draw a clear picture of the subject matter in their mind.
  • Students gain knowledge quickly and easily.
  • It also helps in providing guidance to the students in solving various issues of life.

Narration technique in teaching (Suggestions)

A teacher must know the technique of narration and skilful use of language. A language and styles used by a teacher occupied an important place. So a teacher should have clear knowledge of the subject matter and the use of appropriate language style so that he can draw a correct picture in the mind of the learners. Some of the key points that need to be remember while using this technique in teaching.

  1. The teacher should have the mastery over the content and he also need to know where the it is required.
  2.  A narration should present in a proper sequence of events and well structured manner.
  3. Proper gestures and pause should used while narrating subject matter. So that it becomes interesting to the students and arouse their curiosity.
  4.  A teacher must keep in mind the mental level of students while using this technique.
  5. The language of the teacher should be clear, easy and understandable.
  6. The teacher should use the relevant teaching aids i.e. picture, charts, models etc. to make the narration interesting and engaging.
  7. Teacher must be able to arouse the imaginative power of the students. So that a vivid picture of the subject matter can be drawn in their mind.
  8. A teacher should ask questions to the students in between narration in order to sustain their interest.
  9. Speed in narration should no be too fast of too slow.
  10. The teacher should start his narration from simple and gradually move forward toward its climax. While doing so, teacher should sustain the curiosity on the students.


Narration as a device of teaching, we can say that it is an oral presentation of the content Or Communication knowledge through the medium of speech. It is used in teaching subjects like geography, history science etc. it helps the students to grasp subject matter easily and quickly. It is an important method that a teacher should use to make his teaching fruitful. To know more Please visit Tools of teaching.

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