Nature and Nurture | Concept | Difference

How does nature and nurture influence human personality? What is the continuing debate?. And difference between nature and nurture.

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Nature and nurture concept:

Nature and nurture these are two important factors that plays a crucial role in the life of an individual. An individual is grown according to his nature an inherent quality and the nurturing process. Where he brought up that determine the development of an individual. Let’s understand it very clearly.

Nature refers to trait and characteristics that are inherent or genetic in origin and nurture refers to the traits and qualities that are learnt by organism as they grown up.

Nature vs. nurture is a matter of continuing debate and it is far from being settle. Yet it is not clear whether or not our characteristics which we determine through the environmental factors that surround us or they are imbedded in our genes.

The challenges concerning the debate in that it is difficult to know if someone is born with traits or whether their environment affect them. I believed that nature has a lot to do with the development of an individual. And nurture has a long term impact in determining personality traits and the makeup of a person. A human being is born with some specific characteristics and even though their nurture may influence these characteristics to change or to enhance.

The influence of nature and nurture in the life of a person cannot separate. Both have a significant impact on the personality of a person.

nature and nurture


Some of the comparison between nature and nurture in the following ways-

1 Firstly, nature refers to individual’s innate qualities or the genetic qualities and nurture refers to the personal experiences.

2 Nature of an individual highly influenced by heredity. Parental qualities like hair, eyes, skin color etc. may influence the person. And the environmental factors influence the nurture .

3. According to nature theory an individual is born with a language acquisition device. which allow them to understand language in terms of universal principles. And according to nurture theory knowledge and linguistics ability results from stimulus response conditioning.

4. Nurture, people are born with some innate abilities that they use to interact and to understand the world around them. But according to nurture, people born with a blank or empty state and become ‘who’ they are through the course of their life alone.

5. Nature determines to the genes which determine of an individual’s physical and personality traits. But nurture refers to the stages of development for example: infancy, childhood, in which children brought up.


So, both are complementary and supplementary to each other. Because nature is the characteristics that are inherent and nurture is all about the environmental factors in which an individual brought up. Thud both has an impact on the personality of a person.

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