Need and Importance of Measurement | In Education

Importance of Measurement: Measurement is the process of measuring something like height weight length of an object in the numerical unit. Measurement process is important in learning system. It has more administrative utility in education than evaluation. Measurement is precise and objective that evaluation hence, it is mostly used in measuring the learning outcome. In this article you will know the concept of measurement and the need and importance of measurement in education.

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what is measurement ?

In simple word measurement is the process of measuring an object like weight, height, length etc. In a numerical unit. Measurement is done by comparing a quantity with a standard unit. For example, a cloth can be measured by comparing the cloth against a meter stick (scale). Here, the meter stick is a standard unit.

Thus, measurement is the process of assigning numbers to an events, objects etc. according to certain rules.

“Measurement means description of data in terms of numbers and this, in turn, means taking advantage of the many benefits that operate with number and mathematical thinking provides- J.P Guilford.”

James M.Bradfield defines “Measurement is the process of assigning symbols to dimensions of a phenomena in order to characterize the status a phenomena as precisely as possible.”

Measurement in Education

Evaluation and Measurement is very important in education system; measurement is education refers to the process or methods of determining attributes of educational methods and processes. It tries to analysis of data such as scores obtain from educational assessments to infer the abilities and proficiencies of students.

Need and importance of measurement

  1. Measurement is education typically need to measure the ability and level of attainments by students such as reading, writing, mathematics science, and so on.
  2. In education, measurement is largely need for the analysis of data from educational assessments of test.
  3. It also need in diagnosing the weak areas of learning of students.
  4. Measurement is need for the external assessment of the students and relates to the cognitive areas of man’s achievement.
  5. Measurement is important to select individuals to provide a rank or grade in matter of promotion from one level to another higher level.
  6. It is also very important to predict the future success or failure in certain areas of students. For example: if a student is doing well consistently in English, he is likely to do well in English in his future life.
  7. Measurement is qualitative in nature, simple and accurate which acts as an important element in all type of research works like education and psychological research.

Reference book:

  1. Measurement, Evaluation And Assessment In Education by Bipin Asthana (Author)
  2. Measurement and Evaluation in Physical Education (B.P.Ed. Latest Syllabus Based) by Dr. Srikanta Mishra

Thus, measurement plays an important role to classify individuals of a group on the basis of their performance. This technique is employ to categories individual from a group in industry, army and other essential services. So the technique measurement is very important in the field of education.

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