Objective and Scope of Teaching English

What are the Objectives and Scope of Teaching English at secondary level?

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Objective and Scope of Teaching English. The success of teaching learning process, depends on how far the teacher fixes up the aims and objectives of teaching properly. It is necessary to fix the aims and objectives of teaching.

Objective and Scope of teaching English of the language teaching are the expected behavioural changes in the students. Without the knowledge of the aims and objectives, a teacher is just like a passenger who doesn’t know where he wants to go and can’t teach a lesson effectively. Therefore,a teacher must set objectives and aims before starting a teaching.

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The main objectives of Teaching English is to develop the four basic skills –

  •  Listening skills,
  • Speaking skills,
  • Reading Skills and
  • Writing skills.

At the secondary level, the teacher should follow the linguistic aims of teaching english .The general aims, Objective and Scope of teaching English at secondary level are discussed below:–

Main Objective and Scope of Teaching:

1.To enable the students to understand English when speaking:

In this connection. The teacher should follow the ‘Principle of Naturalization‘ it is a process where a students learn english in a natural way, therefore we say a mother is the first teacher and equivalent to hundred teachers. In this process the following rules should  follow in a language teaching.

  • Language teaching should start orally or speaking.
  • Teacher should use play way method.
  • Use of Direct Method of teaching.
  • The knowledge of sound system should be given to the pupils.Use of tap-recorder, linguaphone, audio recorder, video recorder etc. A teacher should use these techniques, so that learning happens in a natural way.


2. To enable the students to speak english correctly and fluently, that is acceptable and speak english with proper stress and intonation.

It is another objective of Teaching of English. The teacher should concentrate and use the following learning experience in the class.

  • Students must be given such an atmosphere,where they can speak freely.
  • Students should be asked questions to answer.
  • Drill and practice
  • Practice of correct pronunciation.
  • Organizing of conversation, debates and language games,so that they speak and learn visa-versa.
  • Teacher’s speaking english must be a good model to the pupils.

3. To enable the students to read english with proper pause and stress and read the material that is appropriate for this level.

In order to develop this skill,the teacher should provide the following learning experience to his pupils.

  • The teacher must emphasis on Students to read english in the class and teacher should provide them textbook, charts , substitution table.etc
  • The teacher should write the vocabulary and sentences on the blackboard and ask the pupil to read them.
  • Sufficient feedback should be provided by using tap recorder in the class.
  • The teacher should give the knowledge of pronunciation, stress and intonation which will help them to read properly.
  • Teacher will provide various types of drilling of vocabulary in the class.
  • Teacher should read any topic properly and correctly as his reading such as a model reading to the students.

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The Method of Teaching English

4. To enable the students to write

English correctly using correct spelling , punctuation and capitals where necessary.

Teacher will organise  different type of learning experiences, according to the level of schooling.

  • At the outset the teacher should teach the students the shapes of different letters.
  •  Also provide Enough practice of writing letters, simple words, sentences.
  • Teacher’s hand writing must be neet and correct as the students imitate the teacher.
  • The teacher will provide sufficient feedback to the pupils. Correct use of vocabulary, tense as writing includes with correctness in usage.
  • The teacher should make use of the blackboard and directs the pupils to look and write on their notebooks.

In addition to the general aims of teaching english,the teacher of english should have clear and definite aims for each lesson. The teacher must be clear in his mind regarding these specific objectives. Specific objectives help the teacher to get a proper direction in the teaching process. As a result of the specific aim,the teacher proceeds from known to unknown,from concrete to abstract and from definite to indefinite. The knowledge of specific objectives is very much essential in day to day activities in the class. So, the teacher of english has to be clearer in his objectives of the teaching of English.

Scope of Teaching English:

English is the widest spread spoken language in the world. We use english as a second language in many countries.It is a link language. English is an international language. A country like India cannot avoid english language, non hindi speaking states communicate with the centre in english. So the scope of english is very vast.

1.Uses of English: 

We use english for news and information, for business, diplomacy and professions. It is also used as entertainment purposes, a neutral language in many parts of our globe. We need  english for updating knowledge and career choices.etc.

2.English for News and Information:

We commonly use English as a medium for the communication of information and news . In all the electronic devices like computer data, international air traffic, television news etc. English for business, Diplomacy and profession: English is a major language of international business, diplomacy, science and professions. English serves as a link language to maintain good relationship between states in India, likewise English also Use as a link language for communication among different nations. In the international organizations like United Nations Organisation, World Health Organisation, UNESCO etc.

3.English for Entertainment:

The popular culture of America and Britain attract people in many parts of the World. The music, songs movies of these two countries are world famous. We find English  in movies, drama, theatres in all countries. English is spoken 5* hotel, international airport, tourist , international schools.etc.

4.Position of English in India:

In twenty first century english began to play an important role in specially in India, due to industrialization, modernization, liberalisation and globalization. English began the language of the world. English helps to sell products of companies so the economic prosperity also the english plays a crucial role in present time.


Thus, in this article Objective and Scope of teaching English from the above discussion. It has been clear that the aims and objectives has an important role in teaching learning process.Without aims and objectives a teacher cannot teach his lesson effectively. And the scope of english language is as vast as the world itself.

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