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Aims and objectives are the goals which are deliberately determined for Teaching a subject. Aims and Objectives are very important in Teaching Learning Process. These are the goals which are generally fixed up for teaching a subject and then the sufficient efforts are made to achieve those desired objectives of teaching. Once the destination is set then all efforts should be made to achieve the fixed aims. In this article you will know important aims, objectives and characteristics of teaching.

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Objectives (Characteristics of Teaching)

Teaching is a dynamic and Purposeful activity. It becomes successful only through its objectives which must be realize by teaching. To know more please visit: The Criteria of Good Teaching. Some main objectives of Teaching are mention below-

1. The first important objectives of teaching are to help the child to understand the realities properly and may adjust in a better way.

2. To enable the students to face the obstacle and take the right decisions.

3. Another objectives of teaching is that the teaching process should make a pupil the best thinker and worker.

4. There is another objective of teaching which is to help one-another every day so that the new experiences are gain and the pupils may perform some constructive task in future.

General and specific objectives

Objectives are based on the aims of education. There are two types of objectives which are General objectives and another is specific objectives. Which are vary and are set according to the subject of teaching.

  1. General objectives: general objectives are long term aims of teaching. These aims are set on the aims of education. General aims are trying to achieve during the whole year of schooling of the pupils.

  1. Specific objectives:  Beside the general aims of teaching the teacher should have a definite and clear cut aims for each lesson in his mind. The specific objectives are short term goal with a clear cut specific aims helps a teacher to achieve the long term goals. When a teacher fixes his objective for each lesson it helps teacher for teaching with confidence as well as the students to learn better which lays the foundation of teacher’s success. Thus by achieving short term goals he can achieve long term goals of teaching successfully. You may know Objectives and scope of Teaching English at Secondary Schools.

Nature and Characteristics of teaching

Teaching is a continuous process where a teacher does multi-task activity. There are many criteria of a good teaching. Some of the important characteristic features of Teaching are mentioning below-

  • In simple word first characteristics is that teaching is communicating knowledge to the pupils. That knowledge which is unknown to the students’ teacher provides this knowledge to the students in a systematic manner.
  • Teaching is a social service because it is the social responsibility to shape and develop the behavior of the children for improving the standard of the society.
  • Another characteristic of teaching is that it is a medium of helping a child to learn and do things for himself. We can not transmit knowledge to the students directly if they are not ready to learn. So the good Teaching creates the desire in child to learn.
  •  Teaching is a three way process. The three poles of teaching are the teacher, curriculum and the students. A proper co-operation between them makes the teaching fruitful.
  •  Another Characteristics of Teaching is that Human beings are social animals. The main aim of education is to make the students a well adjust person in society. Teacher must prepare a child to be socially efficient.
  • A good teacher is one who motivates the students. A teacher must stimulate and motivates a child to develop his natural instinct to work and be active.

Formal and Informal Characteristics

  • Teaching may be formal and informal. Here formal teaching plan and deliberate activity which is organized in a systematic manner. Like in schools and colleges. Formal teaching has an aims and purpose. And informal teaching generally takes place outside of a boundary. Parents, friends and society conducts informal teaching.
  • Teaching is an occupation. A teacher must know the teaching Methods and objectives of teaching. Please visit to know Teaching as a Profession.
  • In Teaching the teacher helps the immature child to develop physically mentally emotionally and spiritually. Here the teacher’s effort is to develop all aspects of life of a child.
  • Teaching is a dynamic and not a static of fixed one.
  • Teaching is not only providing information but also gives proper Guidance to the students to learn the right things at the right time in a right way.
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Thus from the above discussion it has been clear that teaching is a continuous and purposeful activity. In teaching learning process a Good Teaching has an aims and objectives in his mind. Without objectives as teacher can not achieve the desired goals. You may know what the Important Aspects of Teaching and Learning. Characteristics of good teaching.

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