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Teaching is a complex process that includes various task or activities that a teacher has to perform. A teacher has to plan it systematically for effective teaching and follow certain steps. The different steps that a teacher follows constitute a process that is known as phases of teaching. In this article you will know what pre active phase, interactive is and post active phases of teaching in detail note.

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As you know teaching is a systematic, logically planned activity. The main aim of Teaching is to shape the behavior of learner in a desired manner. It involves the use of scientific strategies techniques for enhance learning. So teaching is also called as a science. It includes variety of activities. Please visit to know important aspects of Teaching and Learning.

What is Phases of Teaching

Phases of teaching also called stages of teaching. In simple word phases means a distinct period or stages in a series of activities. As teaching is a complex process which includes several activities. As a teacher you have to make a plan systematically. The different step which makes a process that is called the phases of teaching.

Importance of phases of teaching

  • Phases of teaching improves level of teaching
  • It modifies classroom teaching and interaction pattern.
  • Creates appropriate condition for learning.
  • It helps to evaluate the students systematically.
  • Improves the quality of a teacher.
  • Supervise various aspects of teaching.
  • Uses different methods and techniques.

Philip Jackson a famous scholar, who described the complete teaching activity. As a teacher you have to consider these activities before and after the actual classroom teaching must also be considered.

Jackson divides the teaching act into three phases.

These are-
1. Pre active phase
2. Interactive phase
3. Post active phase

1. Pre active Phases of Teaching

Pre active phase takes place before the actual classroom teaching in known as Pre active phase. The teacher performs several activities in this stage.
It is also known as planning stage of teaching before entering the classroom the teacher plans some task. For examples Preparation of lesson plan, arrange the teaching learning materials, write the objectives of teaching etc. the planning helps the teacher to make classroom interesting and effective.

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Activities of pre active phase

In this stage the teacher does the following work.Forming or fixing up the goals: at first the teacher set the goals and writes down the objectives of teaching in behavioral terms. The teacher sets the instructional objectives by using bloom’s taxonomy of educational objectives.

a) Decision about the content:

The teacher chooses the content of subject to be taught in the class. While choosing the subject the teacher must keep in mind

b) The syllabus prescribed for the learners.

For example a teacher can not select a topic for teaching in the class, which is out of the syllabus. The behavior of the students at entry point and also the needs of the learner the level of student’s motivation.

c) Managing the way of presentation:

After that the teacher arranges the subject in a logical sequence. A teaching point may contain several sub points. The teacher has to arrange them in a logical sequence for Teaching. It is done with an objective to facilitate the transfer of learning.
d) Selection of strategies and techniques:

Then the teacher decides which strategy and methods he will use in the actual classroom teaching. Like questioning, demonstration etc. He should decide in advance. Please visit to know the methods of teaching.

e) Appropriate means of presentation:

Finally, the teacher becomes ready for the presentation. According to the nature and structure of the teaching point as well as the objectives of teaching, the teacher takes decision about the appropriate means of presentation.

2. Interactive phase:

The stage after entering into the classroom is called as interactive stage. In this stage teaching executes the plan that he prepares in the pre active phase.
The interactive stage is an implementing stage of teaching. It is the actual stage of teaching. The success and failure of teaching depends upon this stage. Visit to know criteria of successful teaching.

The interactive stage includes all those activities which as teacher do after entering the classroom.

According to Jackson “The teacher provides pupils’ verbal stimulation of various kinds, makes explanation, ask question, listen to the learner response and provides guidance.”

Teacher’s task or activities

1. Sign up the class

After entering the classroom the teacher perceive the whole class, observe the classroom atmosphere. He or she tries to understand the number of students. The teacher makes an overall idea of the class which students will help in his teaching learning process and also which students may create problem during teaching.

The students also observe the teacher and make an overall idea about the personality of the teacher. Thus, the teacher starts or signs up the class.

2. Identify the students
The teacher here diagnose of identify the teachers. Their attitude, interest aptitude ability etc. he or she also test the previous knowledge of the students. And this is done by asking questions.

3. Action or start up the teaching

After testing previous knowledge of the students, the process of teaching activities starts like initiation and response between teacher and the students. These activities may be verbal or nonverbal interaction. These activities involve –
a) Selection of stimuli
b) Presentation of stimuli
c) Regular reinforcement or feedback.

(For example when students answer to the questions asked by teacher it is feedback. When a student asks questions and teacher respond then it is called reinforcement.)

4. Development of strategies

The teacher also tries to develop and use strategies as per the need of the classroom atmosphere. Teacher uses various strategies to create interest of the learner, to motivate them and maintain the discipline in the classroom. The teacher must remember the following points while making use of strategies-

a) Presentation of the topic
b) Level of learning
c) Level and previous knowledge of the learners.

3. Post active phase of teaching

This is the last stage of three of teaching. The task of teaching is complete. In this stage the teacher think in retrospect way about what happened in the class after it is over.
After completion of the class the teacher evaluates the performance of the learner by asking them question. It this stage the teacher has to do three important works to evaluate the teaching learning process.

  1. Assessing the behavioral change of the student The teacher evaluates the behavioral changes of the students. He or she compares the behavior of the students at the entry point and the actual behavioral change that take place during teaching.
  2. Selection of appropriate testing devices In this Phase of teaching , the teacher chooses the suitable testing devices. Which are valid, reliable and objective in nature to measure the various dimension of students.
  3. Changing of improving strategies of teaching here the teacher get the knowledge about the student’s performance. The teaching objectives are fulfilling or not etc. so he or she makes necessary changes in the strategies if required on the basis of evaluation.
  4. In these stages the teachers understand where he has to make modification in his teaching strategies. Diagnosis also is made on the basis of evaluation of student’s achievement. Thus, in post active phase the teacher has to do these activities for a successful and effective teaching.


Thus the steps follow to complete the activity of teaching are the phases of teaching. Which includes pre active phase also known as planning stage that takes place before actual classroom? Interactive phase which refers to all this activity that a teacher perfumes after entering the classroom. And the last phase of teaching is post active phase which take place after the completion of interactive phase also known as evaluation stage. Thus, we have tried to cover this topic phases of teaching. Visit to explore more Bed notes If it helps you please let us know in the comment section.


Que: What are the phases of teaching?

Answer: There three main important phases of teaching which includes 1. Pre active phase 2. Interactive phase and 3. Post active phase.

Que: Which stage of teaching is called planning stage?

Answer: Pre active phase of teaching is called Planning stage beacuse in this stage teacher plans everything that he will do in the teaching leaning process. For example the lesson , the methods of teaching, teaching learning materials etc.

Que: What pre-teaching activities?

Answe: Pre teaching activities are all those activities which is done in the pre active stage. Which includes 1.Preparation of lesson plan, 2. Arrange the teaching learning materials, 3. Write the objectives of teaching etc.

What is pre active stage?

Answer: Pre active phase is the first stage of teaching which takes place before the actual classroom teaching in known as Pre active phase.

What is Post active phase of teaching?

Answe: Post active phase is the last stage of teaching. The task of teaching is complete. In this stage class the teacher evaluates the performance of the learner by asking them question. It this stage the teacher has to do three important works to evaluate the teaching learning process. which have discussed above.

What is the activity of interactive phase?

Answer: Interactive phase is the important stage of teaching it is the stage where teacher executes the teaching. Interactive stage teacher does the following activities-

  • Sign up the class
  • Identify the students
  • Start teaching
  • development of strategies
What are examples of interactive learning?

Answer: When a teacher teaches a topic from social science “the constituition of India.” the teacher first decides the lesson and the methods which he use to teach that particular lesson. He also writes the teaching objective and the TLMs in pre active phase. When all is ready the teacher enters into the classroom this is the phase of interactive. because the teacher interacts with the students.. see above to know details.

What is the role of teacher in post-active phase of teaching?

Ans: The main role of teacher in post active phase is to evaluate the students as well as the teacher himself. And the effectiveness the teaching methods, teaching materials etc.

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