Physical and Mental Measurement in Education

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Difference between Physical and Mental Measurement:

“Assignment of numerals to object or events according to certain rules is called measurement. Campbell

Measurement is the process of measuring something like the measurement of length, weight, height of an object in terms of numbers. There are two types of measurement a) Physical measurement b) Mental measurement. Visit to know about Need and importance of Measurement. In this article you will know the difference between physical and mental measurement.

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Physical Measurement

Measurements like weight, height, length, volume etc. are physical measurement. It is quantitative in nature, in physical measurement entire qualities can be measur d.

Mental measurement.

Mental measurement or psychological measurement, it is qualitative in nature. For example measuring intelligence, memory etc. this type of measurement is subject and indirect. In mental measurement entire qualities can not be measur d only a sample can be measur d.

Difference between physical and mental measurement

The process of measurement is very important in learning system. _Need of Measurement_ There are mainly two types of measurement Physical and mental measurement. The main difference between physical and mental measurements are mention below-

  1. Physical measurement is quantitative whereas mental measurement is qualitative.
  2. In physical measurements units of measures are constant and measures are express d in equal unit and starts from a true zero. On the other hand in mental measurement, measures are generally not express d in equal units and it is not possible to measure from zero.
  3. Physical measurement is simple and there is no chance of biasness. Whereas in mental measurement is not simple there is a chance of biasness as it is subjective in nature.
  4. The measurement is accurate and absolute in physical measurement. On the other hand mental measurement is not definite and absolute because a number of factors affect the score in case of mental measurement.
  5. In physical measurement, various measuring equipments are need. And in the mental measurement equipments are not necessary.

Reference Book:

  1. Measurement and Evaluation in Education Paperback – 1 January 2021 by Dr. Sunita Agarwalla (Author)
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Thus, from the above discussion it has been clear that both the type of measurement is differ from each other and both the measurements are very essential and should be integrated to achieve desire changes in behavior in students learning.

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