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Principles of teaching:

Principles of teaching, there are certain Principles of Teaching. Which a teacher must follow. To make Teaching Learning Process successful a teacher must bring himself or herself to the mental level of the students. 

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The principles of teaching learning which is to be followed must be fixed according to the age level of the students the subject and topic which is to be taught. To know more please visit Characteristics of Teaching. The general principles of teaching which a teacher must follow are.-

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principles of teaching

1.Principle of definite goal/objective:

 The teacher and students must be clear about the goals and objectives of teaching learning. It helps them to be on track. When the goals of teaching are set or determined properly then it becomes easy for the teacher to plan, execute and evaluate every phase of the teaching learning process.

2. Principle of child centeredness:

The modern education system is fully child centric. Therefore the teacher should fix the strategies of teaching, according to the aptitude, interest and abilities of the students. While planning for teaching, the teacher should keep in mind the needs of the students.

3. Principle of individual difference:

As we know that every child is different from each other. So the teacher must keep in mind the individual difference of the students in teaching learning process. He should not compare one student with other. Every student should be given of their own pace of learning.

4.Principle f linking with real life:

Linking with real life is another principle of teaching. Our society is the base of our education system. Therefore, every subject taught in the school must be linked to the everyday life of the students. It not only motivates the students but also make it easy to learn for them. So the teachers must relate the classroom teaching to the practical life by giving appropriate examples from our day to day life experience.

5. Principle of active participation:

As we know the communication is a two way process. Without an effective communication a successful teaching cannot take place. In the traditional teaching, there was very less scope for the students to get involved in the process. In traditional process of teaching students were passive and teachers were active. Teachers taught and the students just listened passively. But the modern education system focuses on the active involvement of the students in all the stages and steps of teaching learning. As it is a child centric education.

6.Principle of co-operation:

To make the classroom lively and effective, the teacher and the students have to work in co operation with each other. They must help each other to carry out the task of teaching learning process as they all share the common interest.

7.Principle of planning:

It is one of the important principles of teaching. Every teacher must plan the whole teaching, which is to take place in the classroom if he/he wants it to be successful. As the success of teaching depend on the planning of the teacher and his execution in the class. This planning involves the presentation of lesson notes, preparation of teaching aids, strategies and mainly the methods of teaching to be adopt for delivering the lesson. 

Also a teacher should follow the maxims of teaching in the classroom, which helps him to conduct the class smoothly see the important maxims of teaching

8. Principle of flexibility:

The strategies that a teacher has to follow must be flexible. It should change according to the needs of the classroom situation. For this a teacher has to be quite imaginative and resourceful so that he/she can adopt his strategy as per the requirement of the teaching learning environment.

9.Principle of variety:

A teacher must adopt variety of teaching aids, strategies to motivate and sustain the interest of the students in the class. Principle of variety it helps to remove boringness and lethargy and boost the classroom environment and make the class enjoyable lively and interesting.

10. Principle of creating learning environment:

The teacher should create such an environment so that it becomes motivating factor for learning. There must be proper arrangement of the resources like furniture, light. The teacher should be able to maintain proper order and discipline by being sympathetic but at the same time he must be firm.


Thus, these are the important principles of teaching which a teacher should know to make the classroom interesting. Method, Principles and Maxims of Teaching are very important for an effective teaching. This principle helps the teacher in every step of teachings. The students become motivated and they learn easily. You may know Teaching as a Profession.

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