Procedure of Team Teaching Method | Steps

As we know Team Teaching is one of the Method or Techniques of Teaching. In this technique a group of expert teachers work collaboratively in their respective fields. To know about the team teaching please visit: What is Teaching? In this article we shall know the Procedure of Team Teaching.

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Steps or Procedures of team teaching:

Team teaching is effective and successful when the teacher follows the teaching strategies and techniques of teaching and the Principles of Teaching. All the activities that is to perform by teacher it should be done step by step otherwise it may create puzzles in teaching learning process. There the some steps or procedures in team teaching.

The Procedure of Team Teaching-are in the following

  1. Planning stage:
  2. Execution stage
  3. Evaluation stage
procedure of team teaching

1. Planning stage:

In team teaching the first stage in the planning stage in which the teacher has to do in the given following task.

  1. The teaching subject or the topic should select that is to be taught in the classroom.
  2. Afar selecting the topic of teaching point, the main objectives of teaching has to determine appropriately.  The teaching objectives must be in written form.
  3. Then the teaching materials or teaching aids should select.
  4. And then the task of responsibilities should discuss among the team teaching members according to their capabilities. As all the members are expert in their respective fields.
  5. The blueprint or the flowchart for conducting team teaching in prepared.
  6. The evaluation process how the evaluation will be and the devices all are determine.

2. Execution stage :

Execution stage is the main stage in team teaching, where all the plans which have been prepared are executed in this execution stage. Here the following steps are undertaken-

  1. The teacher should decide the teaching points and the question which is to be asked to test the previous knowledge of the students on the topic. It is a pre-designed task. To know how a teacher makes the presentation step by step in the class click here.
  2. The techniques and the strategies which a teacher uses in the classroom communication should select.
  3. The competent teacher of the team will deliver the main point of the teaching. And the other teacher will explain the lead points in a very simple language.
  4. The teacher shall supervise the student’s activities and he will try to motivate the students and also give reinforcement.
3. Evaluation stage

It is the final stage of team teaching. Evaluation is the measurement of overall performance of the students and to know whether the teaching objectives are fulfil or not. In the evaluation stage-

  1. The teachers give assignment to the students according to the instructional objectives.
  2. The team teachers evaluate the overall performance of the students.
  3. And the difficulties of the students are determine or diagnosed and then remedial measures like reteaching are provided by the teacher.

Thus, in the Procedure of Team Teaching there are three stages which are Planning execution and the evaluation. If a teacher does not follow these steps of teaching he may not succeed in teaching learning process. A complete blueprint must be design before he enters to the class. The teaching points instructional materials, the teaching objectives and the methods of teaching which the essential part of teaching learning process.

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