Relationship Between Guidance and Counseling

What is the relationship between guidance and counseling? Guidance simply means to assist or guide someone who seeking help. Guidance is a broad term, and counseling is a part of guidance. Counseling needs professional to guide someone. But there is a close relationship between guidance and counseling, like guidance and counseling both tries all round development of an individual. In this article you will know the relationship between guidance and counseling.

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Though, counseling and guidance is not the same thing. Sometimes the two words guidance and counseling are used synonymously. Guidance and counseling are dissimilar from some aspects and also similar in some other aspects. The similarities between guidance and counseling are as follows.

Relationship between guidance and counseling

  1. The main goal of guidance and counseling is to give an opportunity to a person to see a variety of available options as to assist or help the person in making wise choices.
  2. Guidance and counseling both aimed at assisting students to draw up their own plans of academic and non academic pursuits and arrived at right decisions to implement in plans and find solutions to his problems. Guidance and counseling meant for all those who need help or assistance in all aspects of life.
  3. It is not specific to any stages of development of a student in educational institutions, student’s physical and mental health and his adjustment issues at home, school vocational and social demands, relationships etc. guidance and counseling emphasis on all these areas.
  4.  Both try all round growth of an individual. When these undertaken for the explicit purpose of an individual to overcome the problem. The service may have to be terminated after the solution has been found, how ever efforts required to be continued in terms of the program to prevent the recurrence of the same problem.
  5. It is a continuous process extending all throughout one’s life. There is nothing like a one shot and for one time guidance and counseling. It is a continuous process.

Thus, we can discuss the relationship between guidance and counseling. Guidance is a very wide concept. Also read: Concept of guidance. And counseling is a part of guidance.

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