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Teaching and learning are the foundation of education and training. Both are extremely important in the process of education. Teaching is successful when it causes to learn. Nothing is assumed to be taught unless it is learnt by the learner. So teaching and learning go hand in hand. A teacher uses various teaching methods strategies to make students learn.

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What is teaching?

Teaching is an essential part of the educational environment. Education is possible only through the process of teaching. It can be formal and informal.

Formal teaching generally takes place within the forth wall i.e. schools colleges, university and the informal teaching is carried out within the community friends family etc. home schooling is an informal teaching.

Definitions of teaching

“Teaching refers to the activities that are designed and performed to produce change in student’s behavior.” Clark

“Teaching is an interaction process. Interaction means participation of both teacher and learners and both are benefitted by this. The interaction takes place for achieving desired objectives” Ned. A. Flanders

What is learning?

Learning is an integral part in teaching learning process. A teacher must know the term before engaged in teaching.  For successful teaching all the required skills are learned through Micro Teaching in pre-service training.

Learning simply means the knowledge or skills which acquired by instruction or study. Learning is a psychological in nature every individual learns new things by practice, experiences or study.

Definitions of learning:

There is some important definition of learning which will help in better understanding.

  • 1.“Learning is the process whereby the behavior of an organism undergoes changes as a result of experience.”
  • 2.“Learning is a way through which human beings acquire new skills, knowledge, attitudes and values.”
  • 3.“Learning is relatively a permanent change in capacity for performance, which is acquired through experience.”
Nature / characteristics of learning
Teaching and Learning
  • Learning is goal oriented
  • It may be formal and informal learning.
  • Learning depends upon proper motivation.
  • Learning is continuous and endless process.
  • It is unmeansureable, the amount of learning can not be measure.
  • Learning is not measurable observable.
  • It is a adjustment to a new situation.
  • Learning is a social as well as individual.
  • It is a process of gaining experience.

Relationship between Teaching and Learning :

There is a very close relationship between teaching and learning. They are related to each other we can say it is the two sides of the same coin. The three components teacher learner and the curriculum the relationship between these had let to the development of the concept.

This process is an old concept which started from the day living beings came on earth. Human beings as well as the animals teach their young ones to adjust in their environment. The aim of teaching and learning is to enable us to acquire new knowledge. skills and attitudes of adjusting to the environment effectively.

Teaching learning is the process in which the elders teach the young ones in a school environment to adjust them to the world in which they live.

Components of teaching and learning process :

There are four components of teaching learning process these are:-

  1. Teacher
  2. Learner/ students
  3. Learning process
  4. And the learning situation
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Teaching learning is a process of interaction between the teacher and students. It a systematic process. where teacher learner the curriculum and other variables are organizes in a fruitful manner to attain the pre determined goals and objectives of teaching.

This process endeavors to harmonize the various activities including learners, their individual differences, the method of teaching., the material to be taught.classroom management, teaching aids Teaching strategies, teaching methods etc. The teacher uses all the techniques and teaching strategies to full fil the desired objective of teaching.

Teaching learning becomes successful when the teacher uses various Principles of Teaching. And makes the learning effective and relates to a real life situation.

Important Aspects :

The aspects of Teaching learning process involves around the components of it (1.Teacher, 2.Students, 3.Learning process and 4. Learning situation.) The important aspects are given below:-

1 Personality of the teacher

The personality plays a crucial role. If the teacher’s personality is very pleasant, and sympathetic the learning becomes fruitful. On the other hand if the teacher is a dictator and very cruel in the classroom then it may affects the teaching learning process.

2 Communication skills

An effective communication is a key factor in teaching learning process. Teaching learning becomes successful when there is an effective communication on the side of both the teacher as well as students. If the teacher fails to convey what he wants to deliver in the classroom then teaching learning is affected. Similarly if the learner fails to communicate his problems properly to the teacher then also creates problem teaching leaning process.

3 Use of teaching method

The teacher should know the method of teaching and strategies and how and when to use these strategies for an effective teaching. The teaching methods must be according to the development and interest of the students. So that the desired objectives and goals can be achieve without affecting in teaching learning process.

4 Curriculums

The curriculum transaction in the classroom should be design according to the mental level of the students. And also be relating to the real life situation. If the curriculum is not appropriate to the level of student’s psychology the students will not be motivate which may affect teaching learning process.

5 Learning Environments

Learning environment is another important aspect in this process. Without a proper learning environment a fruitful teaching can not be take place.  Physical environments like proper light, sitting arrangement air flowing and calm and quite environment. Thus the learning environment must be conducive otherwise it will affect the process.


Thus teaching is a modification of behavior and learning means to acquire new knowledge skills by experience or study. There is a close relationship between them. Teaching is successful which it causes learning. A teacher uses various techniques methods strategies maxims of teaching for an effective teaching.  There are various aspects which influence the process of teaching which we already have discussed . The teacher must try to make teaching very interesting and lively so that the students remain active and motivate to learn.

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