Tutorial method of teaching: Types, merit & demerit note

Tutorial teaching is an important method of teaching where a tutor helps a small group of students to improve their cognitive as well as academic abilities. In this article the concept of tutorial teaching, important types, advantages and disadvantages of tutorial method of teaching will be discussed.

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Concept of tutorial style of teaching

Tutorial method of teaching is an important part of teaching learning process for transforming knowledge. Tutorial style of teaching can be included under the both autocratic as well as democratic style of teaching. It is a period of study given by a tutor to an individual or a small group of pupils. The main aim of tutorial style of teaching is to help the pupils to improve their cognitive and other academic performance.

In this method of teaching the entire class is divided into a small part or group and the tutor tries to find out the problems of students and help help to find out the current solutions.  The teacher acts like a doctor who give treatment based on the patient’s specific problem.

What are the types of tutorial teaching?

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There are mainly three types of tutorial method of teaching. These are

  1. Supervised tutorial teaching

In this style of tutorial teaching, the teacher or tutor selects those students who are above average intelligent. And the teacher and the selected students take part in a personal talk and discussion time time. The students express their difficulties and the teachers try to solve those problems. Thus the teacher and students come up to the solutions to some problems after a discussion.

2. Group tutorial

In group tutorial method of teaching the teacher removes the difficulties of the average students. This method of teaching is very effective when the level of classroom teaching is very law from the point of view of students.

3. Practical tutorial teaching

As the name suggest it is a practical style of teaching.  Practical tutorial method of teaching conducts mainly to improve the physical skills of the students. It is commonly used for both group as well as individual basis. This tutorial is basically employed to achieve psychomotor objectives. In simple word it tries to remove difficulties of practical word.

Merits of tutorial method of teaching

The tutorial method of teaching is very effective for the development of cognitive and academic abilities of pupils.This type method of teaching has some advantage as well as disadvantages too which have discussed below.

Merits of tutorial style of teaching

  • It provides an individual a unique learning experience.
  • Tutorial teaching improves academic performance and study habits of the learners.
  • This method provides full freedom express and seeks clarification of their problems.
  • It helps in achieving skills related to cognitive, affective and psychomotor domain. (Know >>>three domain of learning)
  • Tutorial teaching helps to improve social and behavioral skills.
  • In this method of teaching, the teacher diagnoses the weakness of the learners and provides necessary action.

Demerits of tutorial method of teaching

  • Teacher sometimes become bias and does not show equal attention to all the member of the group.
  • It may not be effective in the large size of class.
  • Equal opportunities are not provided to all the students. There are some students who dominant the group.
  • The teacher is able to solve the problem related his/her own subjects. They do not take interest other subjects.
Steps or procedures of Tutorial style of teaching
  • Establishing good rapport with the students.
  • Knowing the ability, interest and potentials of the students.
  • Providing remedial and supplementary instruction.
  • Also provide individualized and personal instruction.
  • Appropriate evaluation and feed back.
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Suggestions for effective tutorial teaching
  1. The teacher should encourage every student to raise their difficulties so that teacher can provide appropriate solutions.
  2. Format of the group must formed on the basis of child psychology for effective tutorial method of teaching.
  3. Teacher must prepare a proper lesson plan for each session so that he can provide effective teaching.
  4. Give clear instruction before starting any activities.
  5. The teacher should be co-operative, sympathetic and should have patience towards weak students.
  6. For an effective tutorial teaching the time table should be followed.
  7. Use relevant examples in tutorial session.


As we discussed above that the tutorial style of teaching is a small group based teaching. The teachers try to solve the student’s problem. There are three types of tutorial method of teaching like group tutorial teaching, supervised tutorial teaching and practical tutorial teaching which mainly employed to aching psychomotor objectives. The advantages and disadvantages of tutorial method of teaching have discussed above . Read: Team teaching method.

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