Why 26th January was Chosen as Republic Day 2024,(10 Facts)

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Do you know? Why 26 January is celebrated as Republic Day? As we all know that, 26th January every year the whole nation gathers in order to celebrate the Republic Day. Followings are the 10 facts that you must know.

Republic Day 2024

All the citizens of India celebrate Republic Day on January 26 every year as on this date the constitution of India came into force. The India’s constitution is a written constitution, it was writte n in 2 years, 11 months and 18 Days. It was adopte d on twenty six November 1949.

Why Do We Celebrate 26 January as Republic Day?

As  we already understand that, the republic day is celebrated on 26th January every year. For 2024, the whole nation is going to celebrate it tomorrow. Here we come to know Why 26th January was chosen as Republic Day.  Followings are the 10 Facts of reason why January 26th is celebrate d as Republic Day in India.

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Speech For Republic Day

Why do we celebrate republic day

  1. Pledge of Purna Swaraj

 The Indian National Congress had announce d Purna Swaraj which is also calld as complete freedom) on January 26, 1930, which is why the date was chose n to honour this historic announcement.

2. Constitution Adoption

Twenty Six November 1949 the Indian constitution was adopte dd and 26th January 1950, came into effect, marks the day when the Constitution of India was officially approve d, changing the colonial laws and giving a framework for the governance of the country.

3. Declaration of India as a Republic

On this day, India was formally announce d a sovereign, socialist, secular, and democratic republic, in order to make it as an independent of the British Rule.

5. Honouring the Martyrs:

The day 26th January is an occasion to pay tribute to the freedom fighters of our country and martyrs who forgone their lives for India’s independence.

Why 26th January was chosen as Republic Day

7. Symbol of Unity

The Republic Day of our country has a symbolic meaning as well . It is a symbol of national unity as it takes together all the citizen of the country from diverse cultures, languages, and regions to rejoice the common identity of being Indians.

8. Showcasing Military Strength

The Republic Day is manifest by a grand parade in the capital of India, New Delhi. Where the country’s military strength, cultural variety, and technological achievements are showcase d.

9. Cultural Heritage Shows

The Republic Day’s parade also structures diverse cultural performances from different states, in order to highlight the rich cultural heritage of Great India.

10. Renewal of Commitment

Republic Day serves as a reminder to the people of India to renew or rebirth of their commitment to upholding the ideals and principles laid down in the Constitution and to contribute to the progress of the nation.


These are the few reasons that Why 26th January was chose n as republic day. Hope, this article helps you in order to clear why do we celebrate republic day on 26th January every year.  Happy Republic Day to you and your dear ones. Thank You.

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